Who wins in season 4 episode 28 of Dance Moms?

Who wins in season 4 episode 28 of Dance Moms?

This week on Dance Moms season 4, episode 28 titled “Another One Bites the Dust,” Abby and Holly put their differences aside, so Nia Frazier gets to do a solo in tribute to the late Maya Angelou, and she wins 1st Place.

What episode is goodbye Maya?

Another One Bites the Dust.

Where can I find Season 4 of Dance Moms?

Currently you are able to watch “Dance Moms – Season 4” streaming on DIRECTV or for free with ads on Lifetime.

What does NIA place at nationals?

Abby did allow Nia to perform a solo in the teen division and even with her music skipping, she secured second place like Maddie.

Does Nia ever win a crown?

She won her very first crown in 2014 at Sheer Talent Nationals in Las Vegas, where she won Miss Pre-Teen Sheer Talent with her solo “Goodbye Maya”. On Nia’s YouTube channel, she has released dance videos along with the other content on her channel. This makes her the 4th original Dance Moms dancer to go to college.

What episode is Season 4 Nationals Dance Moms?

Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2
“Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2” is the thirty-first episode of the fourth season of Dance Moms.

When is season 4 of Dance Moms?

The fourth season of Dance Moms premiered January 1, 2014 on Lifetime and concluded on October 14, 2014.

Is Dance Moms on Hulu?

You won’t be able to watch the Dance Moms live stream or stream Dance Moms episodes from the new season, but there are multiple seasons of Dance Moms streaming on Hulu. This would work more for someone that wanted to catch up on Dance Moms episodes from past seasons.

What is Dance Moms?

Dance Moms is an unscripted reality television program. The show follows a group of “Moms” and their daughters, the latter performing in the world of young competitive dance as instructed by the controversial Abby Lee Miller.