Who were the previous governors of New York?

Who were the previous governors of New York?

Public Papers of New York State Governors

Governor Years in Office
Carey, Hugh L. 1975-1982
Cuomo, Mario M. 1983-1994
Pataki, George E. 1995-2006
Spitzer, Eliot 2007-2008 (March 17)

What did Andrew Cuomo do before he became governor of New York?

He began his career working as the campaign manager for his father in the 1982 New York gubernatorial election. Later, Cuomo worked as an assistant district attorney in New York City, entered the private practice of law, founded a housing non-profit, and chaired the New York City Homeless Commission from 1990 to 1993.

What is the salary of the governor of New York State?

Governor of New York
Formation July 30, 1777
Deputy Lieutenant Governor of New York
Salary $225,000 (2020)
Website Official website

Who is the longest serving NY governor?

The longest-serving governor was the first, George Clinton, who first took office on July 30, 1777, and served seven terms in two different periods, totaling just under 21 years in office. As 18 of those years were consecutive, Clinton also served the longest consecutive period in office for a New York governor.

Who was governor before Patterson?

David Paterson
Preceded by Eliot Spitzer
Succeeded by Andrew Cuomo
Lieutenant Governor of New York
In office January 1, 2007 – March 17, 2008

Who was governor before Cuomo?

Mario Cuomo
Succeeded by George Pataki
Lieutenant Governor of New York
In office January 1, 1979 – December 31, 1982
Governor Hugh Carey

How tall is Cuomo governor of New York?

5′ 11″
Andrew Cuomo/Height

Does NY governor get a pension?

Officially filing for retirement sets Cuomo up to receive a monthly pension payment from the state after more than a decade in public office. The three-term Democrat could be eligible to receive at least $50,000 a year in pension benefits from the state, according to the Empire Center, an Albany watchdog group.

Who was Governor before Cuomo?