Who were German Turners?

Who were German Turners?

Turners (German: Turner) are members of German-American gymnastic clubs called Turnvereine. They promoted German culture, physical culture, liberal politics, and supported the Union war effort during the American Civil War.

Who were the American Turners?

The American Boy Turners, established by the national convention in 1933, was an organization for boys ages 10-18. The group offered athletic, educational, and social activities to its members. The Turner Pioneers, organized in 1930, was for Turners age 40 and over.

What was the turnverein movement?

The turnverein movement was brought to the United States by Forty-Eighters, political refugees from Germany who were ardent practitioners of the gymnastic system begun in 1811 by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. The term Turnverein denotes a gymnastic or athletic club; in Texas the term has generally been written Turn Verein.

When was German gymnastic Society declared illegal?

In 1842 the ban was revoked, however in 1848 many Turnen members were forced to leave Germany due to some political upheaval, many migrated to the United States where they set up Turnverein clubs, thus beginning the global spread of Gymnastics (Cazers & Miller, 2000), (Pfister, 2009).

Who developed the Turner societies?

The revolution was defeated and over 600,000 Germans were exiled as a result. The First Turner societies in the United States were organized in 1848 by German immigrants and exiles carrying the torch of liberty and democratic reform.

How did Johann Basedow establish gymnastics as a premier sport in Germany?

In 1774, a Prussian, Johann Bernhard Basedow, included physical exercises with other forms of instruction at his school in Dessau, Saxony. With this action began the modernization of gymnastics, and also thrust the Germanic countries into the forefront in the sport.

Who is rich fried Jahn?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, (born Aug. 11, 1778, Lanz, Brandenburg, Prussia—died Oct. 15, 1852, Freyburg an der Unstrut, Prussian Saxony), the German “father of gymnastics” who founded the turnverein (gymnastics club) movement in Germany.

How did Johann Basedow this become important in German gymnastics?