Who sold Katniss the mockingjay pin?

Who sold Katniss the mockingjay pin?

Madge Undersee
After volunteering to take Prim’s place in the Hunger Games, Katniss receives several visitors. Among them is her friend Madge Undersee, who convinces Katniss to take her mockingjay pin as her tribute token – an object a tribute is allowed to carry to the games to boost morale.

What metal was of the mockingjay pin?

The Hunger Games Bronze Mockingjay Pin Brooch katniss metal jewelry w/ clasp New | eBay.

How did Cinna get the mockingjay pin?

Cinna did not give her the pin. In the book it was given to her by her friend Madge Undersee. Madge was the daughter of the mayor of district 12. The pin had originally belonged to Madge’s aunt Maysilee Donner.

How did Hamas win the Hunger Games?

The District 1 female tribute throws her axe, aiming for his head, but he dodges it. She then just stands there thinking she would outlast him, but the force field returns the axe into the arena, burying itself into the District 1 female’s head, killing her and leaving Haymitch the victor.

At what skill is gale better than Katniss?

At what skill is gale better than Katniss?

Question Answer
At what skill is Gale better than Katniss? setting snares
Who or what is Katniss named after? a plant with edible roots
Who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin? Madge
Why does the Capitol hold the Hunger Games? to remind the districts that they are powerless against it

How did Katniss get the gold bird pin?

How did Katniss get the circular gold bird pin? Madge, the mayor’s daughter gave it to her. Her mother took it from a jewelry box and pinned it on Katniss’s dress.

Is Cinna in love with Katniss?

While Haymitch and Katniss had to figure out their relationship, Cinna and Katniss understood and loved each other from the start. It’s clear that Katniss felt comfortable around Cinna and that she cared for him deeply, and he also cared a lot about her.

Why did Katniss stylist get killed?

As she begins to ascend, she watches in horror as Cinna is beaten to death by Peacekeepers due to his unabashed involvement with the rebellion and his relationship with Katniss.