Who ran the Windmill Theatre?

Who ran the Windmill Theatre?

Van Damm
Van Damm ran the theatre until his death on 14 December 1960, aged approximately 71. He left the theatre to his daughter, rally driver Sheila Van Damm.

Who owns the Windmill Club?

The lease on the 9,000 sq ft property has now been sold to a consortium of investors led by Ryan Bishti, the nightclub entrepreneur behind A-list venues such as big top-themed Cirque Le Soir, also in Soho, and Piccadilly’s London Reign Showclub.

What is the windmill Theatre now?

The Windmill in Soho will open in August 2021. In recent years, new London theatres have cropped up all over the city; the Boulevard Theatre and the Turbine Theatre to name a couple. But, a new venue has been greenlit in a matter of days, as The Windmill Soho reopens from August 2021.

Who owned the windmill Theatre London?

The Windmill was famous for its motto ‘We Never Closed’, having stayed open (barring a compulsory closure of 12 days that affected all theatres in 1939) throughout the whole of the Second World War. Owner Laura Henderson left the Windmill to Van Damm on her death in 1944.

Who owns the windmill Soho?

In more recent years, The Windmill was a table-dancing venue but now, after a £10m refit, new owners Ryan Bishti and Amrit Walia have relaunched the venue as a restaurant and cabaret promising a “spectacular theatrical dining experience”.

What comics performed at the windmill?

The list of comics that did perform at the Windmill, however, is extraordinary, and included Jimmy Edwards, Tony Hancock, Arthur English, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Michael Bentine, Bruce Forsyth, Dave Allen, Alfred Marks, Max Bygrave, Tommy Cooper and Barry Cryer.

What famous people have lived at the windmill?

During his tenure, the Windmill was home to numerous famous comedians and actors who had their first real success there, including Jimmy Edwards, Harry Worth, Tony Hancock, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Michael Bentine, George Martin, Bruce Forsyth, Arthur English, Tommy Cooper and Barry Cryer.

Who was involved in the Windmill Theatre documentary?

In 1969 the BBC made a television documentary about the Windmill Theatre called ‘If it moves it’s rude’. This featured Jimmy Edwards, Arthur English, Bruce Forsyth, Pearl Hackney, Stanley Holloway, Alfred Marks, Des O’Connor, Harry Secombe, and Sheila Van Damm. The film was narrated by Kenneth More.

Is there a website for the Windmill Theatre?

Indeed, the Windmill Theatre section of the website is practically a website in itself. The rest of this page acts as an index to the plethora of material on the Windmill Theatre so read on and enjoy. The Windmill Theatre first opened on the 22nd of June 1931 with a play by Michael Barringer entitled ‘Inquest!’, see programme here.