Who produced REM murmur?

Who produced REM murmur?

Don Dixon
Murmur (album)

Label I.R.S.
Producer Don Dixon Mitch Easter
R.E.M. chronology
Chronic Town (1982) Murmur (1983) Reckoning (1984)

Who died in REM?

Bill Rieflin
Bill Rieflin dead – REM drummer passes away aged 59 after brave cancer battle. REM’s drummer Bill Rieflin has died aged 59 after losing his battle with cancer. The Seattle-born musician, who lost his wife last year to lymphoma, played with the legendary US band from 2003 until their split in 2011.

What happened to REM lead singer?

The 59-year-old star – who is the lead singer of R.E.M. – has revealed he reached out to the music legend shortly before his death in April 1994, when he died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound.

What is on the cover of Murmur?

A train trestle in Athens, GA was featured on the back cover of the original vinyl LP version of R.E.M’s “Murmur ” which was released by I.R.S. Records on April 12, 1983. Because of the cover, which was shot by Sandra Lee Phipps, the trestle has become a local landmark.

Who produced REM albums?

Of R.E.M.’s 15 studio albums, six of them were produced by Litt, from 1987’s Document to 1996’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi; he was the unofficial fifth member of the band in a similar way producer George Martin was to the Beatles.

Is Bill Rieflin dead?

Deceased (1960–2020)
Bill Rieflin/Living or Deceased

Are Michael Stipe and Peter Buck friends?

Stipe, Buck and Mills haven’t regretted the decision, and Stipe suggests it salvaged their friendship. Buck and Mills both remain active musically as Stipe, until recently, stuck to visual art. The business of R.E.M. forges on as the band has methodically marked key points in their career with new projects.

Is Mike Mills R.E.M. married?

Mills is engaged to Jasmine. He is an atheist.

When did murmurmur by Rem come out?

Murmur is the debut LP by R.E.M., recorded between January 6 and February 23, 1983 and released only weeks later on April 12, 1983, on the I.R.S. Records label.

Why was the song murmur removed from Radio Free Europe?

The track was intended for Murmur, but removed so that all the tracks would be original and the group would not have to take a royalty cut. It was, however, included as a b-side to the IRS issue of ” Radio Free Europe ” instead. Murmur was released in April 1983. The record reached number 36 on the Billboard album chart.

Why is Murmur so popular?

Murmur drew critical acclaim upon its release for its unusual sound, defined by lead singer Michael Stipe’s cryptic lyrics, guitarist Peter Buck’s jangly guitar style, and bass guitarist Mike Mills’ melodic basslines.

What is murmur’s sound?

Murmur’ s sound characterized the quieter, introverted side of the first wave of alternative rock in the United States. The sound was new at the time, though not stepping beyond the constructs of traditional rock music.