Who owns Paul Ricard?

Who owns Paul Ricard?

Coming to the track itself, it is interesting to note that Slavica Ecclestone, Bernie’s ex-wife, is the proud owner. Apparently, she inherited the Circuit Paul Ricard after her divorce from the former F1 supremo. Back in 2018, she and former F1 driver Jean Alesi visited Le Castellet for a general inspection.

Who Owned Brands Hatch?

MotorSport Vision organisation
Originally used as a grasstrack motorcycle circuit on farmland, it hosted 12 runnings of the British Grand Prix between 1964 and 1986 and currently hosts many British and International racing events. The venue is owned and operated by Jonathan Palmer’s MotorSport Vision organisation.

Who owns the Zandvoort track?

the Chapman Andretti Partners company
10. Circuit Zandvoort. Circuit Zandvoort is the host of the Dutch Grand Prix in the municipality of Zandvoort in the Netherlands. It is currently owned by the Chapman Andretti Partners company, which in turn is co-owned by Prince Bernhard of Orange-Nassau, a member of the Dutch Royal family.

Why are there gorillas at Paul Ricard?

A tricolore gorilla holding up a Pirelli tyre was the reward for race winner Lewis Hamilton, and there was also a link to other items throughout the weekend. It’s a unique way of adding to the visual impact at a race weekend, and one that is set to continue this year.

Why are there stripes at Paul Ricard?

The run-offs, highlighted by the red and blue colour strips of the Blue Lineā„¢ concept, offer crucial advantages for safety through their abrasive surface which slows down vehicles going off the track. Crushable polyethylene blocks lining the safety barriers, replacing the old tyre walls.

Why did they stop racing in Zandvoort?

The 2020 scheduled appearance was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however F1 racing did finally return to the circuit on 5 September 2021.

How many layouts does Circuit Paul Ricard have?

Four layout variations were offered; the full 3.61-miles Grand Prix circuit utilised the full Mistral straight, while two shorter versions cut out significant portions of the northern end of the course and offered laps of 2.3-miles and 1.8 miles respectively. A 1.4 miles school course completed the variations.