Who owns DoneDeal?

Who owns DoneDeal?

DoneDeal/Parent organizations
In July 2015, the Irish-owned Distilled Media Group and the Schibsted Media Group announced the establishment of a combined business, Distilled SCH, which brings together the three iconic Irish brands: DoneDeal.ie, Daft.ie and Adverts.ie.

How do I delete my DoneDeal account?

If you wish to disable an account just let us know and we will put through the request. You can submit this request by selecting “Data requests” at the bottom of our homepage. Contact our support team here.

Do you have to pay to advertise on DoneDeal?

It’s now FREE to place your ad in these sections on DoneDeal: Clothes & Lifestyle, Baby & Kids, House & DIY, Sport & Leisure & Music & Education.

How do I verify my identity on DoneDeal?

To check if your phone number is verified, visit your profile and find the ‘Phone Number’ field. If your phone number is verified, you will see the word ‘Verified’ along with a green tick. If your phone number isn’t verified, click the ‘Verify’ link and enter your phone number to receive the verification code.

Is it free to sell a car on DoneDeal?

If you’re not sure how much your car is worth, we offer a free online car valuation.

Is DoneDeal Irish?

DoneDeal was established in 2004 as on online classifieds website by husband and wife team Fred and Geraldine Karlsson. It has since grown to become one of Ireland’s largest classifieds market.

How do I delete my adverts account?

Steps to close an ad account:

  1. Go to Business Settings.
  2. Click on Accounts.
  3. Click on Ad Accounts.
  4. Select the ad account you’d like to close.
  5. Click Close Account.
  6. Click Close Ad Account to confirm you want to close this ad account.

What does bump mean on DoneDeal?

Edit, you can edit your ad for free while the ad is active on DoneDeal. Bump up, you can bump your ad after two days to get it back to the top. Spotlight, you can choose this promotional spot at the top of the search results. Withdraw, you can withdraw your ad while your waiting to “seal the deal” .

Can you list on DoneDeal for free?

If your ad qualifies as a free ad, then you’ll be offered options to pay for a longer listing, or you can just go ahead with the free option: 9. If you are not logged in you’ll need to enter your email address and password. You can learn more about creating an account here.

How do I pay someone on DoneDeal?


  1. The simplest and safest way to deal on DoneDeal is directly, in person, with the buyer or seller.
  2. Payments should ONLY be made in cash or bank draft.
  3. Beware of sellers asking for deposits into bank accounts, internet payments, etc.
  4. Beware of buyers offering to pay by cheque.

How do I change my profile picture on DoneDeal?

Edit your Profile

  1. Profile Picture – We don’t currently have a way for you to add a profile picture.
  2. Seller Type – If you are using DoneDeal to sell professionally and you have a VAT number – you should select the second option “I’m a Trader”.

How do I change my DoneDeal password?

If you have forgotten your password you can get it resent to your email via the log in page. Just click on “log in” on the top right of the page. This will open the log in screen where you can click to reset your password.

Why choose the fetch service?

Fetch, have gone above and beyond to help us safely deliver our healthy and nutritious meals across Ireland. With an ever-growing demand for our service, the Fetch team has been phenomenal. They have been the most cost-effective solution for our large-scale deliveries, and are always available to help us overcome logistical challenges.

How did fetch get its start?

James Redmond got the idea for the delivery service, Fetch, from seeing his sister’s disappointment when something she’d ordered didn’t arrive until well after its due date. “I suddenly thought ‘why can’t retail deliveries be as quick as fast food deliveries’ and that’s the type of service I set out to build,” he says.

Who is the CEO of fetch?

James Redmond, CEO and co-founder of Fetch, began his career in tech during the recession. After completing an electrical apprenticeship and purchasing his first home, the economic downturn hit and Redmond found himself unemployed with a large mortgage.