Who makes Cummins oil filter?

Who makes Cummins oil filter?

Registered. Yup, it is made by Fleetguard but is not a Stratapore filter. The MOPAR branded filters are a standard cellulose (paper) filter rated at 35 microns at 98.7% efficiency.

Do diesels have 2 oil filters?

The oil filters on diesel engines are typically much larger and have a higher holding capacity than those on gasoline engines. Some truck applications have two separate oil filters: a full-flow filter and a bypass filter to help ensure good filtration under all operating conditions.

What oil does a Cummins diesel take?

Valvoline Premium Blue and Premium Blue Extreme motor oils are specifically recommended by the Cummins factory. Cummins has tested these oils extensively and determined they have characteristics that make them ideal for diesel engines.

What is Fleetguard oil filter?

Fleetguard filters have some of the most advanced full-flow oil filters in the industry, with both cellulose and synthetic filter media and covering all brands of engines. This configuration reduces engine wear by as much as 60% in some applications.

Where are Cummins filters made?

The Cummins Filtration story Cummins Filtration Australia began manufacturing Fleetguard air filters at our facility in Kilsyth, Victoria in 1990; a strategic decision to increase market share, support local manufacturing through the creation of jobs and reduce import costs.

Does diesel engine have air filter?

The air filter setup on most diesels is the same as on gasoline-powered vehicles, with the filter located inside the cold air collector box located under the hood. You have to take one big precaution when you change the air filter on a diesel: Always shut off the engine first.

Why do diesel engines tend to run at lower rpms?

Heavy Engine Components: Since the compression ratio in a diesel engine is extremely high, the engine components must be strong enough to handle the extra pressure. Since engine speed is less, diesel engines are inherently designed to produce a higher torque output at lower rpms.

Can I use 15W40 instead of 5w20?

5w30 provides best cold start properties. Using 15w40 instead of 5w30 will increase your fuel consumption because of more load on your engine’s crank. No, you won’t blow a head gasket, but 15W40 is too heavy an oil to use where 5W30 is required.

What is a StrataPore oil filter?

StrataPore was introduced in the full flow section to work in combination with the stacked discs to remove the smallest dirt particles, which cause the most engine damage. Unlike cellulose and microglass media, StrataPore is multi-layered, with an optimum number of layers for the desired level of particle removal.

Does Cummins own Fleetguard?

Cummins Filtration began in 1958 as FleetguardĀ®, the filtration division of Cummins Engine Company. We are now one of the world’s largest heavy duty diesel engine component companies, supplying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

What oil to use in the Cummins?

Valvoline Premium Blue SAE 15W-40 Engine Oil

  • Shell Rotella Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil
  • Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Conventional 10W-30 Diesel Engine Oil
  • Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Amsoil SAE 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil
  • What engine does Cummins have?

    The Cummins ISC is a straight-six diesel engine with a displacement of 8.3 litres (506.5 cu in).

    What is the oil capacity for Cummins ISX?

    44 – 48 quarts 15W40 engine oil capacity (Capacity is approximate due to variations in oil pans) Oil filter – Fleetguard LF14000NN or equivalent Cummins ISX Oil Change (ISX 15) Procedure: Park truck in a safe and level spot

    What is Cummins ISX engine?

    The Cummins ISX is an Inline (Straight)-6 diesel engine produced by Cummins for heavy duty trucks and motorcoaches, replacing the N14 in 2001 when emissions regulations passed by the EPA made the engine obsolete.