Who made Sears and Roebuck shotguns?

Who made Sears and Roebuck shotguns?

Like many other Sears products, the Sears firearms were originally made by major firearm manufacturers. The Model 20 was produced by High Standard Arms, as was the Model 88 revolver. The J.C. Higgins brand for Sears sporting goods was replaced with the Ted Williams brand.

Who manufactured Ranger shotguns?

A. Sears
Who was the manufacturer? A. Sears sold Ranger shotguns during the 1930s, though it halted sales during World War II.

Who made Ranger 12 gauge shotgun?


Who makes Ranger 22 rifle?

Christensen ArmsĀ®
Designed for precision shooters, the Christensen ArmsĀ® Ranger 22 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle is a feature-rich precision rifle, offering sub-MOA accuracy at 50 yards.

How much is a Sears Roebuck shotgun worth?

A SEARS ROEBUCK shotgun is currently worth an average price of $267.12 used . The 12 month average price is $250.58 used. The used value of a SEARS ROEBUCK shotgun has fallen ($26.06) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $267.12 .

What kind of shotgun is the Ted Williams Model 200?

The TED WILLIAMS MODEL 200 or the sears model 200. The Ted Williams model 200 shotgun is essentially an alternate Winchester 1200. It was produced by Winchester to be sold in Sears, Roebuck and Company stores as their store-brand pump shotgun. The 200 bearing Ted Williams’s name will usually look very similar to the shotgun in the ad.

What is the model number of a Sears rifle?

SEARS MODEL NUMBER MANUFACTURER MANUFACTURER’S MODEL NUMBER SEARS MODEL NUMBER MANUFACTURER MANUFACTURER’S MODEL NUMBER 46 Marlin 56 46DL Marlin 56 49-80 Stevens 94-2 with pad 433-512370 AYA 105 S/S12 gauge 49-118 Savage 99A 5100 Stevens 311 50 F.N. Mauser 50A F. N.

What are the different gauges of Marlin shotguns?

Winchester 70 ( NEW ) 103.2237 Marlin 90 20 Gauge 583.18 ** Hi Standard ** 120 ** 103.18800 Marlin 80 583.19 ** High Standard ** M-120 ** 103.19770 Marlin 101 583.20 ** High Standard ** M-10 ** 103.19771 Marlin 101 583.2003 Hi Standard M-20 103.19771 Marlin 101 583.2003 J. C. Higgins M-20 103.19771 Marlin 101 583.200 Hi Standard M-20