Who is Vincent Dunn?

Who is Vincent Dunn?

Chief Vincent Dunn, a 42-year fire service veteran, has updated his best-selling book which examines the dangers of structural failure caused by fire.

What is Vincent Dunn’s fire battlespace?

Stay up to date with real-world dangers, disasters, and deaths on the Chief’s facebook page, “Vincent Dunn’s Fire Battlespace.” Vincent Dunn worked as a firefighter for 42 years in midtown Manhattan, where he walked his way through the ranks to become Commander of Division 3.

Who is variablevincent Dunn?

Vincent Dunn delivers cutting edge fire research and real-world knowledge, informed by some hard learned fire experiences. Meet Chief Dunn at his own kitchen table where he breaks down first hand building construction, firefighting strategy and tactics.

What is chiefchief Dunn?

Chief Dunn delivers cutting-edge fire research and the real-world lowdown on flame, smoke, heat and toxic gases, along with some hard-learned fire experience. As a Firefighter once said, “You cannot know enough about something that kills you.” Fire kills. This book identifies the dangers and teaches you how to survive.