Who is the owner of Afrotainment?

Who is the owner of Afrotainment?

Yves Bollanga –
Yves Bollanga – Founder & CEO – Afrotainment Channels | LinkedIn.

How do I contact Afrotainment?

  1. PRESS. SENZO SHEZI. t+ +27 73 668 3978. [email protected].
  2. BOOKINGS. EVENTS. t+ +27 72 840 2010. [email protected].
  3. LABEL. AFROTAINMENT. t+ +27 72 840 2010. [email protected].

What is Afrotainment?

Afrotainment – Afro-centric general entertainment service, broadcasting in High-definition; programming includes TV series, films, talk shows and reality series.

Is NaakMusiQ under Afrotainment?

South African producer, DJ Tira, was captured in a video showcasing him and Afrotainment signee and frequent collaborator, NaakMusiQ, working on new music. In a video shared on Sunday, 19 January 2020, DJ Tira was captured working on new music with long-time collaborator and Afrotainment signee, NaakMusiQ.

Who is DJ Tira married to?

Gugu Khathi
DJ Tira/Spouse
Personal life. DJ Tira is married to Gugu Khathi and they have two sons and one daughter Junior, Chase and Chichi Khathi. DJ Tira and his wife hosted a Umabo ceremony at his home in KwaHlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal.

Who is DJ Tira wife?

DJ Tira/Wife

How many years does DJ Tira have?

21 Years
On August 24, 2020, his fourth studio album 21 Years of DJ Tira was released in South Africa, celebrating a 21 years in music industry.

How can I contact DJ Tira?

DJ Tira

  1. Booking DJ Tira Details. For Booking DJ Tira , Book DJ Tira , [email protected] /0813401356.
  2. Who is DJ Tira? DJ Tira, Real name Mthokozi Khathi is one of the biggest DJ, Music producer and record label owner in South Africa.
  3. Where it all Started.
  4. Meeting DJ Sox and starting Durban ‘s Finest.
  5. Achievements.

What happened Big Nuz?

One of Mzansi’s biggest music groups, Big Nuz, are set to make a comeback after its members smoked the peace pipe. The group, which consists of Danger and Mampintsha, have now buried the hatchet, after falling out when Mampintsha started his own record label West Ink.

Who started Amapiano?

Kabza credits the discovery of Amapiano to the experimenting attitude of township DJs. “These boys like experimenting, and they always check out new plugins. So when Mdu figured it out, he ran with it, and when I got it, I jumped into the bandwagon, and I ran with it,” he said.

How old is DJ Tiras wife?

This week DJ Tira is excited to be releasing his 10-track album Rockstar Forever. They dated for 18 years, have been married for nine years, and are the best of friends. Celebrity couple, Mthokozisi “DJ Tira” Khathi (44) and wife Gugu Khathi toast to yet another achievement.