Who is the new actor on EastEnders?

Who is the new actor on EastEnders?

Zack Hudson
EastEnders character
Portrayed by James Farrar
Duration 2021–present
First appearance Episode 6237/6238 16 March 2021

Who is Stacey Slater married to now?

Eve Unwin
On Friday, October 29, the BBC One soap opera introduced the new character Eve Unwin, Stacey Slater’s new wife. The pair met and got married while Stacey was in prison after Ruby Allen accused the Albert Square regular of pushing her down the stairs and deliberately causing miscarriage.

Has Stacey Slater married a woman?

Stacey reveals to Martin that she has got married again, and after a visit from her probation officer, she tells Jean that she has married a woman called Eve Unwin (Heather Peace). Although, Stacey explains that their marriage is a sham and offered to marry Eve in order to get her out of prison.

Who is Bobby Beales girlfriend?

Eastenders star Barbara Smith is currently seen lighting up screens playing Bobby Beale’s girlfriend Dana Monroe. The actor joined the show earlier this year and quickly proved a hit with viewers. However, while the 24-year-old may be one of the BBC soap’s youngest stars, this isn’t her first role on the Square.

What does Lacey Turner’s husband do for a living?

Who is Matt Kay? Unlike his famous wife, Matt isn’t in the entertainment industry. In fact, he owns a barbaer shop. The business is in London, where Matt is from, and is called Overgrown.

Is Lilia Turner and Lacey Turner related?

She later tried to scam money from Silas Blissett, who later strangles her to death. Meanwhile, Lacey and Daisy’s younger sister Lily, now 20, also had a role in EastEnders, where she was linked to Lacey’s cousin Kat Slater in 2011. Lily played Shenice Quinn, who was the daughter of Kat’s friend Martine from Spain.

What does Matt Kay do for a living?