Who is the best All Black of all time?

Who is the best All Black of all time?

The record for most Test points by an All Black is held by Dan Carter, who scored 1598 points between 2003 and 2015. The record for the number of Test tries is held by Doug Howlett, who scored 49 tries in 62 matches between 2000 and 2007.

Has Argentina beaten NZ?

The All Blacks have won 28, one match was drawn, and Argentina claimed their first ever win over the All Blacks with a 25–15 victory in Sydney, Australia on 14 November 2020….Records.

Record Argentina New Zealand
Away 10 (14 November 2020) 39 (29 September 2012, 12 September 2021)

What is the biggest win in rugby?


Margin Team Score
128 New Zealand 145–17
98 New Zealand 101–3
England 111–13
95 New Zealand 108–13

How many times has England won against NZ?

England and New Zealand have faced each other in 21 T20Is, with the current world champions leading 21-7 with one match ending in a tie. In the last five matches between the two teams, England have won three.

How many times have France beaten New Zealand?

They have played two tournament finals, in 1987 and 2011 (both at Eden Park and both won by New Zealand). Overall, the All Blacks have won 48 Tests against France’s 12, with one match drawn….Records.

Record France New Zealand
Longest winning streak 3 (26 Jun 1994–18 Nov 1995) 14 (20 Jun 2009–20 Nov 2021)
Most points for

What is the fastest try in rugby?

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest recorded try in a rugby union match is credited to Doncaster Knights’ winger Tyson Lewis, who scored after just 7.24 seconds against Old Albanians in a National Clubs Association (NCA) Rugby match in St. Albans in 2013.

Who is the best scrum half ever?

1. Gareth Edwards, Wales. Quite simply, the greatest scrum-half in rugby history and very possibly the finest player of all time.

What is the biggest rivalry in rugby?

Ahead of the teams’ Six Nations 2021 encounter, we look at one of the most passionate rugby rivalries in the test arena: England v Wales. Arguably the most heated rivalry contested in the Six Nations Championship, England and Wales have a long shared history on the rugby pitch.

What are the All Blacks’biggest wins and losses in Test rugby?

The All Blacks’ largest test win was 145–17 against Japan in 1995, while their heaviest loss was a 7–28 loss to Australia in 1999, equaled by a 26–47 loss (also to Australia) in 2019. Below is a summary of New Zealand test results (updated 21 November 2021 ):

What is the All Blacks record for consecutive Test match wins?

They jointly hold the record for the most consecutive test match wins for a tier-one ranked nation, along with England . The All Blacks compete with Argentina, Australia and South Africa in the Rugby Championship, and have won the trophy eighteen times in the competition’s 25-year history.

How many times have the All Blacks won the World Cup?

The All Blacks are the first rugby team to win 500 Test matches and have three Rugby World Cups to their name, winning the title in 2011 and 2015, adding to the inaugural Cup they claimed in 1987. They have also won 10 of the 16 Tri-Nations trophies, six of the seven Rugby Championships contested, and have most recently have held the Bledisloe

When did the All Blacks win 100% of their games?

In November 2013, New Zealand became the first rugby nation in the professional era to achieve a 100 per cent record in a calendar year. At the 2014 Rugby Championship, the All Blacks drew with Australia and lost to South Africa in the away matches, but won the other four matches and the tournament.