Who is Tabitha supposed to be in Gotham?

Who is Tabitha supposed to be in Gotham?

Tigress is the name of three different comic book supervillains, all of whom have appeared in various series published by DC Comics. An original incarnation of Tigress called Tabitha Galavan appears in the live-action series Gotham, portrayed by Jessica Lucas.

What villain is Theo galavan?

Azrael (DC Comics)

Alter ego Jean-Paul Valley Jr. Michael Washington Lane Theo Galavan (Gotham)
Team affiliations The Order of St. Dumas Batman Family Justice League Odyssey Justice League Task Force Justice League

Is Theo galavan alive?

After being murdered by Jim Gordon, Galavan was later revived by Hugo Strange, being given the identity of Azrael to do Strange’s bidding and try to kill Gordon. Theo was killed a second time with the combined efforts of Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean using a rocket launcher.

Who killed Butch in Gotham?

Following his return to his normal state, he reunited with his lover Tabitha and they confess their love for one another but Oswald shoots and kills Butch, as part of his scheme to get revenge on Tabitha for killing his mother.

Did Azrael become Batman?

Wayne is replaced as Batman by an apprentice named Jean-Paul Valley (a.k.a. Azrael), who becomes increasingly violent and unstable, tarnishing Batman’s reputation. Eventually, Wayne is healed through paranormal means and reclaims his role as Batman.

Who is Butch’s girlfriend in Gotham?

Tabitha Galavan
As the series continued, Butch survived Gotham’s endless turf wars and transfers of power, at one point running the underworld alongside his on-again, off-again girlfriend Tabitha Galavan.

Who brought Dorcas back to life?

The Blessed Apostle Peter Raised Dorcas (Tabitha) From The Dead. As the Apostle Peter was ministering in the neighboring town of Lydda, Dorcas fell ill and died. According to the custom of the day, her body was bathed and groomed and placed into an upper room awaiting burial. Peter Raised Tabitha (Dorcas) From the Dead …

Who are Galavan and Strange in Gotham Season 2?

Overall, Galavan and Strange appear as a primary antagonists of Season 2; this is also reflected in two episodes, “Azrael” and “Unleashed”, where those two create “a sort of” alliance when they have a few common goals: to rule the city of Gotham and to kill Bruce Wayne and his allies.

Who are the actors in the TV show Gotham?

Raina Cheng Orphan Girl(uncredited) 1 episode, 2019 Jason John Cicalese Gotham Refugee(uncredited) 1 episode, 2019 Vernon Campbell Stenographer(uncredited) 1 episode, 2019 Giuseppe Virzi

Who are the actors in the TV show Galavant?

Anthony Head (season 1) and Greg Wise (season 2) as Arnold Galavant, Galavant’s estranged father and a former knight who opened a home for troubled youth. John Stamos as Sir Jean Hamm, a legendary jouster and Galavant’s rival.

Who is Theo Galavan in Gotham City?

—Theo Galavan [src] Theodore “Theo” Galavan was the mayor of Gotham City and the chairman of development at the Gotham Chamber of Commerce. He was a descendant of the Dumas family, who had returned to Gotham to seek revenge on those who had wronged his family, especially Bruce Wayne, and reclaim control of the city.