Who is supervac?

Who is supervac?

Experts in the fabrication of vacuum and specialized custom built equipment, discover our extensive range of products Founded in 1979, Supervac manufactures vacuum and specialized equipment. Our team of professionals excels in all fields pertaining to the environment.

What is a Super VAC fan?

A one-stop shop for all things ventilation, Super Vac equips personnel with industry-specific equipment and the widest lineup of positive and negative pressure ventilation fans, spanning from 8- to 80-inch blades, including the revolutionary Super Vac battery fan that works with DeWalt, Milwaukee or HURST®.

Why choose a Super VAC Hayden?

Super Vac Hayden units are efficient, durable and available at great prices! the Super Vac central vacuums are versatile and very affordable. Enjoy cleanliness without compromise! Benefit from a greater power to clean the entire house. Plug one of our hoses in a vacuum inlet, choose the right accessory and you are ready to vacuum dirt and dust!

Why choose a Super VAC remote location?

Installed in a remote location, you will be able to use your central vacuum without hindering everyone in the household! Engineered with the best components, the Super Vac unit is strong and durable, and in addition offers a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind for many years.