Who is stronger raikage or Hokage?

Who is stronger raikage or Hokage?

Definitely The Third Raikage. It’s True That The First Hokage Was One of the Strongest Ninjas Known to The Shinobi World Having Done several Great Feats Especially While Fighting Madara-Kurama In Valley Of the End, Against Ten-Tails And so on. But Raikage Too Has his Own Share Of Glory. Definitely The Third Raikage.

Is 3rd raikage stronger than 3rd Hokage?

Even in his old age, he was able to fight Orochimaru and his reincarnated Hokage head-on and even seal them at the cost of his life. The Third Raikage would definitely have his hands tied against the Hokage, but he would likely come out on top in what would be an extremely close encounter.

Is hiruzen stronger than the raikage?

The 3rd raikage is stronger(physically) and more durable than Hiruzen but Hiruzen is faster.

Is 3rd raikage stronger than 4th?

While the Raikage was an absolute monster, Hiruzen was a different level of monstrosity. Unfortunately, that was the 3rd raikage who is in fact far stronger than the 4th.

Is hiruzen stronger than onoki?

Hiruzen has more different jutsu, but Onoki’s Lighten Boulder Jutsu and Weighted Boulder Jutsu are also pretty versatile. From the day he became Hokage until the end of his life Hiruzen was the strongest Kage. Onoki couldn’t face him and hope to win.

Can Minato beat Raikage?

Minato has no way to actually harm the Raikage. Raikage walked through FRS which was a more powerful and developed form of rasengan. he walked through bijudama and dueled the eight tails to a draw.

Is Kakashi faster than the Raikage?

Even SMS (Single Mangekyo Sharingan) Kakashi would beat all Raikage except the 3rd and 4th.

Who is stronger Raikage vs Tsunade?

But as stated by Madara, Tsunade’s strength exceeds 4th Raikage’s strength. ( So much so that she was pinning down huge Susanoos just by raw strength and crushing them while Raikage had to carry Ohnoki on his back the whole time to enhance his weight lol! )

Who is older onoki or Hiruzen?

Onoki was 76 years old (79 – 3 year timeskip) when Hiruzen died who was 69. There is a 7 year difference between them. Hiruzen was 3 years old when Madara defected.

Is Sandaime the strongest Hokage?

Shodaime and Sandaime being the more protecting village and entrusting ideals types. Sandaime may be hailed as the strongest Hokage, God of Shinobi, but I think that is more backed up by his age (experience) and extent of jutsus.

Is Yondaime Hokage blonde?

a blonde by the callsign of Yondaime Hokage, being hailed as possessing unrivaled strength and greatest ninja in history is ever so intimately linked with another blondie’s development as a character.

Could a younger Hokage have filled the role of Sandaime?

If Sandaime wasn’t once more powerful than everyone, a younger Hokage could have filled the character role. And we haven’t any information about Shodai or Nidaime… save the fact that Shodai has that little, what was it, ability to control Jinchuuriki.

Is Yondaime stronger than Sandaime?

Argueing over who is stronger out of Sandaime and Yondaime is pretty pointless imo there are places in the manga that state that either one of them was the strongest. It not really clear from what we have seen so far.