Who is Jason Mackey?

Who is Jason Mackey?

Jason Mackey, 46, was born in Alaska and raised in the Mat Valley and at Coldfoot. He says he’s been mushing “since I was big enough to hold onto the sled.” His mushing career began when he started running junior races back in 1983. After four Jr. Iditarod’s and four Jr.

What happened Jim Rutherford?

Jim Rutherford has resigned as Pittsburgh Penguins general manager due to personal reasons, the club announced on Wednesday, just seven games into the 2021 season. Patrik Allvin, 46, the club’s assistant general manager, has been promoted in the interim.

Who is Jim Rutherford’s wife?

Leslie Rutherford
Jim Rutherford/Wife

Why did Rutherford resign Penguins?

In a stunning move, Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford resigned Wednesday, citing personal reasons. “It just got to a point that I decided my time was up here,” Rutherford told The Associated Press, stressing that the move had nothing to do with his health.

How old is Jimmy Rutherford?

72 years (February 17, 1949)
Jim Rutherford/Age

Rutherford, 72, most recently served as general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins before he resigned in January for personal reasons. He won two Stanley Cups with the Penguins, in 2016 and ’17.

How tall is Jim Rutherford?

5′ 8″
Jim Rutherford/Height

How old is Jim Rutherford?

Did Jim Rutherford play in the NHL?

Jim Rutherford
Played for Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penguins Toronto Maple Leafs Los Angeles Kings
National team Canada
NHL Draft 10th overall, 1969 Detroit Red Wings
Playing career 1969–1983

Why did Rutherford quit Penguins?

Who was Penguins GM?

Ron Hextall
Pittsburgh Penguins/General managers

Did Jim Rutherford leave the Penguins?

The sudden departure of general manager Jim Rutherford from the Pittsburgh Penguins organization raises an always delicate question for the sports media. And for fans on social media, too, for that matter.