Who is Giuseppe Meotti?

Who is Giuseppe Meotti?

Since 2003, Meotti has written for the Italian daily newspaper Il Foglio, where he is the Cultural Editor.

Is John Meotti a plagiarist?

In mid 2012, Meotti was accused by Marc Tracy in Tablet of being a ‘serial plagiarist’ for lifting, unacknowledged, material written by other journalists. The accusation was also endorsed by Max Blumenthal who provided several other examples of apparent copyright violations.

What is Giulio Meotti’s position on Israel?

Giulio Meotti is an Italian journalist who writes on Middle Eastern and Jewish issues. He is a strong advocate of Israel, and is critical of both the Catholic Church and of Jews who are themselves critical of Israel, regarding them as abettors of anti-semitism.

What is Meotti’s background?

Meotti was born in Arezzo, the son of a goldsmith, who had an extensive clientale of polyglot Jews from whom Meotti is said to have absorbed their cosmopolitan outlook. He graduated in philosophy at the University of Florence with a Phd about George Steiner.