Who is current CM of Sindh?

Who is current CM of Sindh?

Syed Murad Ali Shah Murad Ali Shah was born on 11 August, 1962, in Karachi. He was schooled in Karachi where he bagged his engineering degree from the NED University of Engineering and Technology.

Who is the DG Anti Corruption of Sindh?

Chairman Enquiries & Anti-Corruption Establishment (Sindh)

Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Shaikh
Appointed by Chief Secretary (Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah)
Preceded by Muhammad Iqbal Memon

How many departments are there in Sindh?

Its powers and structure are set out in the provisions of the 1973 Constitution, in which 29 Districts of 6 Divisions under its authority and jurisdiction….Government of Sindh.

Governor Imran Ismail (PTI)
Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah (PPP)
Chief Secretary Mumtaz Ali Shah

Who is Wazir Ala Sindh?

Chief Minister of Sindh (Urdu: وزیر اعلىٰ—Wazīr-e Aʿlá, Sindhi: وزيراعلي), is the elected head of government of Sindh. Syed Murad Ali Shah is an PPP politician and the current Chief Minister of Sindh working under Governor Imran Ismail.

Who is the head of anti-corruption in Pakistan?

Hussain Asghar serves as the deputy chairman of Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau, in office since April 2019. He also heads the anti-corruption commission constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan in June 2019.

What do you mean by Anti-Corruption?

Anti-corruption (or anticorruption) comprise activities that oppose or inhibit corruption. Just as corruption takes many forms, anti-corruption efforts vary in scope and in strategy. A general distinction between preventive and reactive measures is sometimes drawn.

Who is the Chief Minister of Sindh?

Sindh government .Cabinet of Sindh and Provincial ministers of Sindh and their portfolios . Cabinet of Syed Murad Ali Shah is elected Chief Minister of Sindh .

What is the rank of Provincial Secretary in Sindh Government?

Provincial Secretaries are usually Grade-20 Officers. There may also be Grade-21 Secretaries, in cases where the post has not been upgraded by the Chief Minister to that of an Additional Chief Secretary. Apart from the Ministerial level, the Government of Sindh exercises its powers and function through Divisions and Districts.

What is the role of Sindh cabinet?

Cabinet is a formal body composed of senior government officials chosen and led by the Chief Minister of Sindh Pakistan. Cabinet of Sindh and Provincial ministers of Sindh and their portfolios.

What is the seat of government in Sindh?

The seat of Government is in Karachi, thus serving as the capital of the province. The Chief Secretary Sindh, as head of the provincial bureaucracy, is the boss of the province. The provincial Chief Secretary of Grade-22 is equivalent in rank to a Federal Secretary, is appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.