Who is Captain Feruzi?

Who is Captain Feruzi?

The documents show that Major Burimba Feruzi, a Congolese army officer accused of bribery and intimidation, received thousands of dollars, on at least two occasions. Global Witness is publishing four cheques made out to Feruzi from a local bank account in Soco’s name.

What is the duty of SOCO in the crime scene?

Their role is to locate, collect, preserve and catalogue evidence from a crime scene. They are also known as crime scene investigators (CSIs).

How the SOCO process the crime scene?

Scene of the Crime Operation (SOCO) – A forensic procedure performed by the trained personnel of the PNP Crime Laboratory SOCO Team through scientific methods of investigation for the purpose of preserving the crime scene, gathering information, documentation, collection, and examination of all physical and other …

What happened to SOCO’s plans in Virunga?

Soco has abandoned its oil exploration plans in the world heritage site. Conservationists have claimed one of their greatest successes in recent years following the unexpected decision by British oil company Soco to stop exploring in the Virunga world heritage site in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Is Virunga safe from oil exploration?

UK oil company Soco has ended its oil exploration operations in Virunga. But for Virunga to be safe in the long-term, we need the DRC government to cancel all oil exploration permits as requested by UNESCO, and for sustainable development to start. Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and a treasured World Heritage Site.

Can Virunga park be a source of hope for the DRC?

“If free from the threat of oil, Virunga can be a source of hope for the people of the DRC. This park can become a leading economic driver for its communities”, said Raymond Lumbuenamo, country director of WWF-Congo DRC. Soco follows French oil company Total, which pledged not to explore in the park last year.

Is SOCO International plc breaching international corporate social responsibility?

WWF has filed a complaint alleging that British oil company Soco International PLC has breached international corporate social responsibility standards. A second hydroelectric project was started Monday on a river that runs through Virunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.