Who is Brandi Johnson?

Who is Brandi Johnson?

Brandy Johnson-Scharpf (born April 30, 1973, Tallahassee, Florida) is a retired American gymnast, gymnastics judge, stuntwoman and gymnastics coach….

Brandy Johnson
Full name Brandy Johnson-Scharpf
Country represented United States
Born April 30, 1973 Tallahassee
Discipline Women’s artistic gymnastics

How did Cody Johnson and his wife meet?

The duo met much before the fame – when Cody had a whole other profession. Cody left bull-riding to nab a job as a prison guard at the Huntsville Unit Prison, but it was Brandi (and his former boss) who encouraged him to quit and just focus on music.

Who is Cody Johnson wife?

Brandi Johnson
Cody Johnson/Wife

Where is Cody Johnson’s wife?

Brandi’s husband, Cody Johnson, is 34 years old in 2021. Regarding the personal details about Brandi, she has kept her information hidden as of now. Believed to be a Texas native, Miss Johnson’s educational information cannot be found on the web as well. Brandi Johnson stands at the height of 5 ft.

Where is Brandy Johnson now?

In 1988, Brandy Johnson was a shining light on the U.S. gymnastics team at the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Now she is coaching her daughter and serving as a living, breathing GPS for what could be the ride of a lifetime.

Who is Brandy Johnson married to?

Johnson later married Bill Scharpf, a professional water skier, and they opened their own gymnastics club, Brandy Johnson’s Global Gymnastics Academy in Clermont, Florida. They also worked as stunt doubles in television and films.

Who is Tyler Childers wife?

Senora May
Tyler Childers/Wife
In the lean days, Childers and his new bride Senora May moved in with his parents to save money before buying a used camper with “Country Squire” written on the awning of the front window.

Who is Easton Corbin’s wife?

Briann Corbinm. 2006–2012
Easton Corbin/Wife
He attended the University of Florida’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and earned an agribusiness degree, before marrying his wife, Briann, on September 2, 2006.

Who is Brandy Johnson’s daughter?

Sydney Johnson-Scharpf
Brandy Johnson/Daughters
Sydney Ashlyn Johnson-Scharpf (born August 2, 2000 in Orlando, Florida) is an American artistic gymnast and daughter of Brandy Johnson, a member of the 1988 USA Olympic Team.

What happened to gymnast Brandy Johnson?

How old is Brandy Johnson?

48 years (April 30, 1973)
Brandy Johnson/Age

How long has Tyler Childers been with his wife?

Working in a sawmill and brewery, playing gigs whenever possible, and stashing away whatever money they could. “We’ve both been through a lot of it together,” Childers says. “In July 2019, it will make four years we’ve been married, and we met each other at 23.