Who is Akaito VOCALOID?

Who is Akaito VOCALOID?

Akaito is a red themed derivative of the ‘official Vocaloid Kaito. His name is a combination of “‘Kaito” and “Aka”, which means ‘red’ in Japanese.

What is KAITO VOCALOID last name?

KAITO doesn’t officially have a last name. The name “Shion Kaito” or “Kaito Shion” is fanmade and unofficial, and it is not acknowledged by Crypton Future Media.

What is a Fanloid?

FANLOID (commonly abbreviated from Fanmade Vocaloid) are VOCALOID inspired characters, created by the fandom. This wiki will attempt to build a community for people who like to create fanmades and also attempt to expand from VOCALOID Wiki, since that wiki has become more focused on official information.

Who is Teto?

Teto, or “Teto the Clown”, is among the most popular of the children’s toy clown puppets created by Hazelle Hedges Rollins for her company in Kansas City, Missouri.

Are Miku and Kaito siblings?

No. There are no “official couples”. VOCALOID is software, and most of the time, their mascots have no relation to each other. There are exceptions, most notably some complimentary vocals being sibling pairs like Anon and Kanon, Aoki Lapis and Merli, Yuezheng Ling and Longya, IA and ONE, etc.

Is Neru a Fanloid?

Akita Neru (亞北ネル (あきたねる)) is a FANLOID derivative character. She is acknowledged by Crypton Future Media, Inc., the publisher of the Character Vocal Series for VOCALOID2, for commercial use.

Is Kasane Teto a boy?

Character details Her gender is officially chimera. She is 31 years old, 159.5 cm tall and weighs 47 kg.

Is Kasane Teto copyrighted?

The original illustrator and designer of the character Kasane Teto is Sen. Users shall not impersonate the creator of them and/or plagiarize the copyright. Users shall not distribute the works using the illustration of Kasane Teto for commercial purpose without permission.

What does akaito mean?

Akaito is a red themed derivative of the Vocaloid Kaito. His name is a combination of “‘Kaito ” and ” Akai “, which means ‘red’ in Japanese. Español: Akaito es un derivado temático rojo del Vocaloid Kaito.

What is the color of Shion Vocaloid?

Shion Daito, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is orange themed. Shion Mokaito, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is brown themed. Shion Nigaito, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is green themed. Shion Taito, a Fanmade Vocaloid that is purple themed.

How popular is Vocaloid Kaito?

In 2010, KAITO was ranked as the 7th most popular VOCALOID product they sold. In some instances after his rediscovery, VOCALOID KAITO was even more popular than the VOCALOID2 engine Appends for Miku and the Kagamines. His design has also spawned many producer based derivatives .

Does akaito have a rivalry with Kaito?

Gathering information from the fandom, it appears Akaito and Kaito have a rivalry with one another. Akaito was also speculated by fans to be the love interest of Zatsune Miku. There are occasions that he is implied to be buddies with the likes of Meito and Mikuo.