Who is Aero pack?

Who is Aero pack?

Aero Pack Incorporated designs and manufactures High Power Rocketry products for amateur and commercial applications. We provide precision CNC machined and anodized high-grade aluminum Quick-Change Motor Retainers, Quick-Change Tail-Cone Motor Retainers, Quick-Change Motor Adapters and Quick-Change Minimum Diameter Bulkhead Motor Retainers.

How does the airopack work?

The Airopack is powered by pure clean air! So no harmful propellants are needed to dispense your product. The fully transparent AIropack shows your customer exactly what they get!

Are Aero pack motor retainers made in the USA?

Don`t forget to visit our Photo Gallery for images of amateur rocketry projects. Aero Pack motor retainers are 100% American made!

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