Who invented the typewriter Burridge Marshman?

Who invented the typewriter Burridge Marshman?

Lee Burridge
Lee Burridge (biography of Lee Burridge) and Newman Marshman (biography of Newman Marshman) were inventive geniuses and manufacturers, primarily known as typewriter inventors.

Did Lee Burridge invent the typewriter?

What did Lee Burridge invent? Lee Burridge invented the Sun Index typewriter and the Sun No. 2 portable typewriter.

Is Lee Burridge black?

Meanwhile, a Lee Burrage of almost exactly the same age as Lee Burridge was listed in the 1880 census as living in Mississippi, and he was an African-American.

When was Newman Marshman born?

April 7, 1847
Newman R. Marshman was born April 7, 1847. He lived in New York City.

When was Lee Burridge born?

November 24, 1968 (age 53 years)
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Who is Burridge?

Lee Burridge was an inventive genius and manufacturer, but still maybe the least known of typewriter inventors. He was born in Paris, France on September 22, 1861, the son of Levi Spear, a noted dentist, and Emma Frances (Ogden) Burridge.

Where was Lee Burridge born?

Eype, United Kingdom
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How old is Lee Burridge?

53 years (November 24, 1968)
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Was Newman Marshman black?

Yes. Newman Marshman was black, and was one of the more prominent African American inventors of the 19th century.

Where does the surname Burridge originate from?

habitational name from any of three places in Devon named Burridge, from Old English burh ‘fort’ (see Burke) + hrycg ‘ridge’. from the Middle English personal name Burrich, Old English Burgric, composed of the elements burh, burg ‘fortress’, ‘stronghold’ + ric ‘power’.

What genre is Lee Burridge?

Electronic dance music
Deep houseDance/Electronic
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What kind of music does Lee Burridge play?

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Lee Burridge
Genres Deep house Electronic Dance Music Melodic House Minimal Organic House Breakbeat
Occupation(s) Disc jockey record producer Label Owner
Instruments Turntables
Years active 1984–present