Who has the world record whitetail buck?

Who has the world record whitetail buck?

2 all-time typical: James Jordan’s 206 1/8 from Wisconsin, shot with a rifle way back in 1914. This would firmly nestle Dustin into the record books behind only the legendary Milo Hanson buck from Saskatchewan, Canada, which nets 213 5/8 and is the current overall world-record typical.

What deer has the biggest antlers?

Unsurprisingly, the largest antlers are found on the largest deer species – moose! Other North American animals with antlers include mule-deer and caribou. Caribou, also known as reindeer, are the only species where both males and females have antlers.

What is the biggest deer rack?

The biggest rack ever measured was 333 ⅞ on a deer in Missouri, but that was a pickup, or found deer, not one shot by a hunter. Tucker’s kill is the “deer story of 2016 — and maybe the deer story of the decade,” Field & Stream proclaimed.

What is a 8 point buck?

A buck with two standing normal points per side is an 8-pointer, one with three standing points is a 10-pointer, and so on.

How many 40-point Bucks have been recorded?

Based purely on entries in the Boone and Crockett record book, to suggest that any buck could grow 50 points would seem to be optimistic; none with that many ever has been entered. Indeed, since the modern scoring era began in 1950, only a handful of true 40 -pointers ever have been documented.

How many scorable points does a whitetail rack have?

This rack is a veritable “badlands” of bone, showing both great beauty and gross disfigurement. Before this deer came along, no known whitetail rack had totaled 50 scorable points. This one has 72! And to determine how many unofficial points the Barnacle Buck has would be an even more daunting task.

Does this deer qualify for the B&C record book?

And yet, despite all of this, the deer in question doesn’t even qualify for the B&C record book! Late in October 1989, hunter Lionel Crissman was walking through a seasonal marsh in the northeastern part of the Buckeye State when he came upon the bleached and scattered bones of a large buck.

What if the barnacle Buck was a what if deer?

The Barnacle Buck is one of the few non-typicals which rightly can be called a “what if” deer. For starters, what if none of his points had been broken off?