Who did the Jays trade?

Who did the Jays trade?

Toronto parted with two of its top prospects — infielder Austin Martin and right-handed pitcher Simeon Woods Richardson — to land the 27-year-old right-hander from Puerto Rica. Martin ranked 16th on MLB Pipeline’s top prospects list while Woods Richardson was 68th.

Who did the Jays pick up?

Toronto Blue Jays – Transactions

Date Player Transaction
Nov 19, 2021 B. Francis Purchased From Minors
Nov 19, 2021 Z. Logue Purchased From Minors
Nov 19, 2021 H. Danner Purchased From Minors
Nov 18, 2021 J. Berrios Signed ( 2022-2028)(seven-year extension)

Who did the Blue Jays trade for Robbie Ray?

Ray, who was traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Toronto Blue Jays along with cash for left-hander Travis Bergen in August of 2020, went on to sign a one-year, $8 million contract to stay with the Jays after being encouraged by his brief time with the team down the stretch of the ’20 season.

What happened to Mallex Smith?

The Blue Jays have acquired outfielder Mallex Smith from the Reds, per Baseball America’s Chris Hilburn-Trenkle.

How old is Robbie Ray?

30 years (October 1, 1991)
Robbie Ray/Age
Mariners’ Robbie Ray: Headed to Seattle Ray won the 2021 AL Cy Young Award after he posted a 2.84 ERA and 1.04 WHIP in 193.1 innings across 32 starts during his first full season with the Blue Jays. The 30-year-old will now be rewarded with a long-term deal that includes an opt-out clause following the 2024 season.

Is Jose Berrios good?

Berrios has a career ERA of 4.07. There has never been a pitcher in baseball with a career ERA over 4.00 who’s been considered a true “ace”. Throughout his 6-year career, Jose Berrios has accumulated a lot of “elite” starts, no question. But for every 3 of those “elite” starts, he posts two “mediocre” starts.

Is Robbie Ray married?

Taylor Ray
Robbie Ray/Spouse

When did Robbie Ray join the Blue Jays?

2021Seattle Mariners
2020Toronto Blue Jays2015Reno AcesDecember 5, 2014Arizona Diamondbacks2014Detroit Tigers
Robbie Ray/Dates joined
Toronto Blue Jays On September 1, 2020, he made his Blue Jays debut. With the 2020 Toronto Blue Jays, Ray appeared in 5 games, compiling a 1–1 record with 4.79 ERA and 25 strikeouts in 20.2 innings pitched. He re-signed with the Blue Jays for the 2021 season, signing a 1 year, $8 million contract.

Who is Mallex Smith playing for?

Mallex Smith is a professional Major League Baseball (MLB) player currently serving as an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners….Mallex Smith: Quick Facts.

Full Name Mallex Lydell Smith
Profession MLB Player
Active years 2011-present
Team Seattle Mariners
Position Outfielder

Where is Mallex Smith from?

Tallahassee, FL
Mallex Smith/Place of birth

Is Robbie Ray still a Blue Jay?

Editor’s note: This live stream has now ended. Coming off a career-best season with the Toronto Blue Jays, Robbie Ray found a long-term home with the Seattle Mariners, finalizing a five-year, $115-million contract on Tuesday night.

What do the Dodgers get in a Blue Jays trade proposal?

Behold, several ‘Christmas miracle’ Blue Jays trade proposals that would shake up the baseball world: Dodgers receive: OF Lourdes Gurriel Jr., INF Jordan Groshans, RHP Adam Kloffenstein Cody Bellinger’s 2021 season was truly baffling.

Should the Reds trade Joey Votto to the Jays?

Still, it seems unlikely the Reds would deal both Votto and Gray in the same deal, unless it’s to dump salary. It’s even more unlikely the Jays would trade for an expensive, aging, primary first baseman when Guerrero Jr. is the face of the future. But hey, we’re just having fun, and seeing Votto in a Jays uniform would be real exciting.

Who did the Blue Jays get in Mallex Smith?

Blue Jays Acquire Mallex Smith By Steve Adams | August 16, 2021 at 10:01am CDT The Blue Jays have acquired outfielder Mallex Smith from the Reds, per Baseball America’s Chris Hilburn-Trenkle. Presumably, as is the case with most post-deadline swaps, the Jays simply sent cash back to Cincinnati in return.

Could the Dodgers trade for the Reds’ Luis Castillo?

The Dodgers were already rumored to have interest in that possibility this offseason, and others would join them if the Reds’ front office began to discuss trade frameworks in earnest. Both Castillo and Mahle could bring even greater returns, as they’re arguably superior pitchers who are more affordable.