Who challenged for the WCW title at Halloween Havoc 1998?

Who challenged for the WCW title at Halloween Havoc 1998?

Buff Bagwell turned on Rick Steiner during the match, leaving him to win the title on his own. Scott Steiner was a substitute for Scott Hall, the other half of the tag team champions who was wrestling later that night.

When was the first Halloween Havoc?

October 28, 1989
Halloween Havoc/First event date

What was the main event of Halloween Havoc 1997?

In the main event, held inside a steel cage, Roddy Piper beat Hogan by technical submission with a sleeper hold. Randy Savage interfered by climbing into the cage and he and Hogan beat down Piper following the match. After the match, a fan climbed into the cage and was beat up by Savage and Hogan.

When was the last Halloween Havoc?

It took place on October 28, 2020 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and featured WWE’s virtual fan viewing experience for their NXT brand division called the Capitol Wrestling Center. It was hosted by Shotzi Blackheart. Five matches were contested during the event.

Is Halloween Havoc trademarked?

Halloween Havoc is a professional wrestling event currently produced by WWE. filed for the trademark of Halloween Havoc which according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office had been listed as “dead” since 2005.

Who won the cruiserweight championship at Halloween Havoc 1997?

The unbelievable chemistry on display in this showing left the MGM Grand crowd stunned at Halloween Havoc 1997. It was nearly fourteen glorious minutes of superb storytelling and creativity in the ring. In the end, Mysterio pulled out the victory to keep his mask and win the Cruiserweight title.

What happened at WCW Halloween Havoc 1998?

WCW ran Halloween Havoc 1998 to three-and-a-half hours, rather than the standard three; due to this, many PPV feeds ended while the main event, Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page, was still underway. WCW aired the match the following night on the TNT show Nitro.

When was the 10th Halloween Havoc?

Halloween Havoc (1998) Halloween Havoc (1998) was the tenth Halloween Havoc professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It took place on October 25, 1998 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

Who did Goldberg pin after a jackhammer?

Goldberg pinned Diamond Dallas Page after a Jackhammer. This match was also shown free the next night on Nitro, due to the pay-per-view feed cutting out in many areas.