Who beats Saraswatichandra in the story?

Who beats Saraswatichandra in the story?

Prashant beats Saraswatichandra. Kumud and Prashant learn that the police have found Saraswatichandra’s car. Kumud refuses to have the food, offered by Prashant. Anushka asks Kabir to send her a friend request on a social networking website. Kabir learns that Saraswatichandra has left the house on reading his status on a social networking website.

What is the plot of the story saraswathichandra?

Saraswathichandra is a poignant love story of two soul mates: Saras and Kumud, who are denied the joy of becoming one by destiny and tradition. Whenever they try to move away from each other, life keeps bringing them together again.

How does Saraswatichandra manage to free himself from Prashant?

Saraswatichandra manages to free himself. Prashant threatens Sanjana not to reveal about her meeting with Saraswatichandra, to Kumud. He takes Kumud to Sanjana’s house. Sanjana denies knowing Saraswatichandra. Saraswatichandra overhears Prashant and Mahesh’s conversation.

What does Menaka inform Saraswatichandra about Saraswati’s son?

Saraswatichandra and Kumud enquire Menaka about Saraswati’s son. Menaka pretends to be unaware of the same. Kumud informs Menaka that the life of Saraswati’s son is in danger. Menaka informs Saraswatichandra that Kabir is Saraswati’s son.

What does Saraswatichandra vows to do to get Kumud released?

Saraswatichandra vows to get Kumud released. Sunanda informs Kumud that Saraswatichandra had come in search of her. Danny suggests Kusum to stay away from him for some time. Saraswatichandra sneaks into Sunanda’s house, while Majnu engages the security guards.

How did Saraswatichandra become unconscious?

Saraswatichandra becomes unconscious after using the deodorant. Kumud and Prashant admit Saraswatichandra to the hospital. Prashant pretends to care for Kumud. Kumud becomes sad on seeing Saraswatichandra’s condition. Nandini tries to calm Kumud. Later, Saraswatichandra regains consciousness. He tries to console Kumud.