Who are Jagga by caste?

Who are Jagga by caste?

Jagas are a social caste based group of people higher up in the Hindu hierarchy who held the traditional job of genealogists of primarily Rajput. families mainly in Rajasthan, India and surrounding states.

When was Jeona morh died?

Temple. The Temple of Shri Naina Devi Ji is situated on a hilltop, base of which also has samadhi of bhagat Jeona Morh who died in 12th century, in the Bilaspur District, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Who killed Jagga Jatt?

Finally Jagga and Banta got intoxicated with alcohol and slept under the Boharh (Banyan) tree and Sohan Teli went to his friend. Taking advantage of this moment, Lalu Nai and his brothers shot the intoxicated Jagga and Banta.

Who killed Jeona mod?

Jeona’s brother was an undercover bandit, and the only person who had knowledge of this was his dearest friend, Dogar, who later reported him to the police; as there was a hefty reward on his head. During his brothers arrest the corrupted police severely beat his brother’s pregnant wife and eventually killed her.

Who was Sucha soorma?

Sucha Singh Jawanda was an Indian dacoit and serial killer convicted of murdering his sister-in-law, her lover, and seven others. His victims included Balbiro Kaur Jawanda and Khukkar Mall Chahal, who were both lovers.

How Jatt Jeona morh died?

Jeona Morh fled into the jungles were he met a gang of bandits and eventually became their leader and vowed to take revenge. Jeona Morh had murder every person who had any involvement in the ill treatment of his family before finally being multiply shot to death.

How did Jagga’s father die?

Jagga’s father died when Jagga was a little child. He grew up in the care of his Chacha (uncle) Roop Singh Virk and mother Bhagan. He was very fond of wrestling and used to wrestle at the village akhara with his friend Sohan Teli.

How many sisters did Jagga have?

Jagga had two sisters and he was the only son of Makhan Singh. Jagga owned 10 Murabba (250 acres) of land so he was not asked to do much work by his uncle and mother. Sardar Makhan Singh and Bhaagan had six children before Jagga but none of them survived.

What are the character traits of Jagga?

Jagga had a strong body, medium height, wheatish skin color, double-ringed whiskers, and independent nature. Once he had beaten up the proud Nakaii brothers who used to live at his In-law’s village. Jagga had a verbal argument with a patwari (Land officer) who refused to provide data regarding his land.

Who is Jagga Jatt’s wife?

Jagga’s wife Inder Kaur also died in the same village Banwala Anu in 1983. The Badblood family dominate organised bandit activities in lahore and Jalandhar as part of the rebel Jagga Jatt. They generated varying degree of influence over many political families in lahore.