Which surgery is best for nose?

Which surgery is best for nose?

Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape or proportions of your nose. It may be done to repair deformities from an injury, correct a birth defect or improve some breathing difficulties.

Is laser rhinoplasty safe?

Conclusion: The laser-assisted rhinoplasty technique is feasible and safe and has no major complication, and the aesthetic and functional results can be superimposed onto classic rhinoplasty but with a higher degree of intraoperative precision, higher patient satisfaction, a cleaner field, and less bleeding.

What is the most common nose surgery?

The most common nasal procedures include turbinate reduction and correcting any septal deviations (septoplasty).

Is closed or open rhinoplasty better?

Without the columellar incision, the closed technique allows for faster operation and less swelling during the recovery period. On the other hand, an open rhinoplasty allows for more precision for difficult noses and when altering the nasal structures for more complex cases.

Is rhinoplasty worth it?

WHAT IS is rhinoplasty worth it. So, is rhinoplasty worth it is an operation that allows to correct birth defects caused by injuries of the nose, as well as to change the shape of a healthy organ if for some reason it does not suit the patient.

What is the best laser surgery for Scars?

Fraxel is a great laser for the treatment of scars. You will likely need 3-6 treatments separated by 2-4 weeks. The end point in my patients is when we both have trouble finding the scar.

What causes a bloody nose after surgery?

There are many reasons for profuse bleeding during and after nose surgery related to either an anatomical anomaly, unrecognized or poorly controlled intraoperative bleeding or surgical technique. Serious bleeding does not stop by itself and needs to be stopped.

What happens after nasal surgery?

Nasal congestion and discharge: You will have nasal congestion and discharge for the first few weeks after surgery. Your nasal passage and breathing should return to normal 2-3 weeks after surgery. Postoperative visits: You will have a certain number of postoperative visits depending on what surgery you have.