Which province is Birtamode?

Which province is Birtamode?

Province No. 1
Birtamod Municipality

Birtamode Municipality बिर्तामोड
Province Province No. 1
District Jhapa
• Mayor Mr. Dhurba Kumar Siwakoti (NCP)

Which side is Jhapa Nepal?

Jhapa is the easternmost district of Nepal and lies in the fertile Terai plains. It is part of the Outer Terai. Jhapa borders with Ilam in the north, Morang in the west, the Indian state of Bihar in the south and the Indian state of West Bengal to the southeast and east.

Is Jhapa a city?

Jhapa (Nepali: झापा गाउँपालिका) is a rural municipality (gaunpalika) out of seven rural municipality located in Jhapa District of Province No. 1 of Nepal. There are a total of 15 municipalities in Jhapa in which 8 are urban and 7 are rural.

What is the zip code of birtamod?

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What is Jhapa famous for?

Jhapa is the gateway to India for the eastern region of Nepal. The annual rainfall is about 2,000 mm and maximum temperature is recorded 42º C in summer and 10ºC in winter. The entire are of Jhapa lies in the Terai. Jhapa is famous for different cash crops, tea, horticulture and livestock.

How many km KTM to Jhapa?

The distance between Kathmandu and Jhapa is 128 km. The road distance is 187.7 km.

Why is Jhapa famous?

Jhapa is famous for different cash crops, tea, horticulture and livestock. According to the Census 2011, the total population of Jhapa is 812,650 comprising 385,096 male and 427,554 female residing in 184,552 households. Jhapa is the gateway to India for the Eastern Development Region of Nepal.

What is postal code of Damak Jhapa?

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Which place in Nepal is also called small Switzerland?

Jiri is popularly known as the Switzerland of Nepal as it is a small town located in the Dolakha district. Known as the classic route to Mount Everest almost all the Everest expeditions in the past, including those led by famous climbers John Hunt, Edmund Hillary and others passed through Jiri.