Which portable air conditioner has the best reviews?

Which portable air conditioner has the best reviews?

Best Overall Portable Air Conditioner: Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner. Best Value Portable Air Conditioner: Honeywell Portable Indoor Evaporative Air Cooler. Best Portable Air Conditioner for Bedrooms: Black + Decker Portable Air Conditionerner with Heater.

Are portable air conditioners a waste of money?

It’s a waste of energy and money, which is precisely why a portable air conditioner is an efficient option that allows you to control your indoor temperature in a strategic manner.

Are Dimplex portable air conditioners any good?

If you’re after a quick solution, a Dimplex portable air conditioner may be a good bet, but for a more permanent solution, a split system or a window air conditioner as explained below may be a better bet.

Are Dimplex split systems any good?

Despite these cheap prices, Dimplex split systems achieve respectable energy star ratings; the 3.2kw model comes with 3 stars for cooling, and 3.5 stars for heating. If you’re after a quick solution or if you live in a rental and can’t install anything, a portable air conditioner may be a good bet.

What is the warranty on Dimplex portable coolers?

Please note that the Dimplex range of portable coolers are offered with a replacement only warranty within 24 months of purchase. If your appliance is currently within this warranty period offered on the product, you are able to return faulty product to the store for replacement.

How good is the Dimplex for summer?

My room in summer hits 45+ degrees on some days as it catches the afternoon sun and the Dimplex wipes this out within minutes in a room 6 x 5 mq2. Hardly expels any water into the small tray it came with and I have to empty that amount once a day and I live in a sub-tropical area. The settings are great and the auto button I favour mainly b…