Where was the Della Robbia Pottery in Birkenhead?

Where was the Della Robbia Pottery in Birkenhead?

Della Robbia studios was situated on Argyle Street, in Birkenhead, at the turn of the 20th century and were known for its brightly coloured pieces.

What Clay did Della Robbia use?

glazed terracotta
The recipes for glazed terracotta were closely guarded workshop secrets developed over decades and used by the Della Robbia family for about a century. The first step in the process was gathering earthen clay from riverbeds.

What is designdella Robbia Pottery?

Della Robbia is an art pottery factory set up by Harold Rathbone and Conrad Gustave Dressler in Birkenhead, Liverpool in 1894. The factory had a very short life of just twelve years and operated up until 1906. They produced art pottery in the antique Italian maiolica style with sgraffito decoration, bright bold colors, and a clear lead glaze.

Where can I see della Robbia Pottery in Liverpool?

Della Robbia art pottery was widely sold by Liberty & Co. as well as in their own retail outlet in Liverpool. A large collection of Della Robbia pottery can be seen at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead. Some is also at Standen (near East Grinstead) owned by the National Trust, and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Who were the Della Robbia family?

The Della Robbia family were the most famous potters working in this field from the 15th and 16th centuries and their name became linked to a style of work. Harold Rathbone collaborated with two sculptors, Conrad Dressler and Giovanni Carlo Manzoni, and took on a group of local young people, training them in the art of pottery and design.

Where can I find della Robbia in Birkenhead?

Large wall plaques are in Birkenhead Central Library and an important collection of Della Robbia Pottery is housed at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead, Slatey Road, Birkenhead CH43 4UE.