Where is RJ Corman located?

Where is RJ Corman located?

The R. J. Corman Railroad Group national headquarters is located in Central Kentucky in the City of Nicholasville. There are 70 strategically placed field offices in 23 different states across the US. Use the map to discover more about our locations.

Who is are J Corman’s new vice president?

Alín Campián joined R. J. Corman in 2020 as the company’s Vice President of Commercial Strategy and Yield Management.

What does Mark Boyle do at Jr Corman?

Mark Boyle joined R. J. Corman in 2008 as a Staff Engineer. He has held various leadership positions in the Railroad Services company and now oversees the operations of its non-emergency divisions that perform work including track construction, maintenance of way, and industrial services.

Who is nicknick Corman?

Nick excelled in the program and was hired as Business Analyst for the company after which he became the Business & Contract Manager, AVP of Business, and rose to Vice President of Operations. He currently oversees the overall safety, financial, administrative, and operational aspects of R. J. Corman’s Railroad Emergency Services company.

What does RJ Corman do for the railroad industry?

Aside from the services already mentioned above RJ Corman also provides rail construction work, transload facilities, railcar leasing, distribution, and through its RailPower subsidiary even builds brand new, “green” locomotives. Finally, the company has announced it will also be entering the railroad signaling field.

What did Roger Corman do for a living?

He initially started out in the rail services business, being called in by railroads to do such things as re-rail trains or locomotives that had jumped the track. Sadly, Mr. Corman passed away during August of 2013 but he left behind an impressive, well-managed railroad empire.