Where is Australia Day celebrated in Melbourne?

Where is Australia Day celebrated in Melbourne?

Australia day events in Melbourne, Australia

  • Riva – Australia Day Weekend.
  • BIG BABY || Australia Day / Night.
  • Australia Day | Puesta De Sol Summer Beach Party | The Exchange Beach Club.
  • Club LUNA Australia Day Eve, January 25th Tuesday.
  • Australia Day 2022 – Lucky 13 Garage.

Is there going to be fireworks this year in Melbourne?

Melbourne to safely ring New Year’s Eve in the city is offering up fun ways to safely welcome in 2022. Note that rooftop fireworks will not form part of the city celebrations this year – fireworks will only be visible from the ticketed Celebration Zones.

What do most Australians do on Australia Day?

Outdoor concerts, community barbecues, sports competitions, festivals and fireworks are some of the many events held in communities across Australia. These official events are presented by the National Australia Day Council, an official council or committee in each state and territory, and local committees.

Where should I go for Australia Day?

5 Australia Day weekend getaway ideas

  • Best for a city break: Melbourne. For a long weekend, Melbourne is always a good idea.
  • Best for the Australia Day fireworks: Sydney.
  • Best for a patriotic Australia Day: Canberra.
  • Best to go bush: Tasmania.
  • Best to enjoy the summer sun: Hamilton Island.

Why should Australia Day be changed?

The Aboriginal-led organisation Common Ground says, “The purpose of changing the date is to recognise that many people value having a special day to celebrate the place they call home, while also acknowledging the traumatic context and history that 26 January in particular represents.”

When did the First Fleet arrive in Australia?

On May 13, 1787, the “First Fleet” of military leaders, sailors, and convicts set sail from Portsmouth, England, to found the first European colony in Australia, Botany Bay.

Where are the fireworks in Melbourne?


  • Flagstaff Gardens. Entertainment. 6pm–1am: Disco Light Installation.
  • Treasury Gardens. Entertainment. 6pm–1am: Disco Light Installation.
  • Alexandra Gardens. Entertainment. 6pm–1am: Disco Light Installation.
  • Docklands. Entertainment. 6pm–1am: Disco Light Installation.

Why you shouldn’t celebrate Australia Day?

Why Shouldn’t We Celebrate “Australia Day”? “Australia Day celebrates the colonisation/invasion of this country we now call ‘Australia’ and the attempted genocide of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people leaving behind a hurtful legacy,” Thompson adds.

What food is eaten on Australia Day?

Celebrate Australia Day with these drool-worthy recipes with tasty rissoles, lamb kebabs and sausage sizzles to creamy pasta salads, zucchini slice and pavlovas. Whether it’s the backyard barbecue or beach-side picnic, your Australia Day commemorative spread is bound to be a hit!

What do we celebrate in Australia?

Australia Day is a national holiday that celebrates Australia, and being Australian. On January 26th every year the country holds special events to honour their nationality. The 26th is a date of significance as it was Jan 26th 1788 that the British first landed in Australia.

What is on in Sydney on Australia Day?

Must see Sydney Events

  • Circular Quay. Dawn Reflection. 05:30 AM – 06:00 AM. 26 January 2022.
  • Barangaroo Reserve. WugulOra Morning Ceremony. 07:30 AM – 08:30 AM.
  • Sydney Harbour. Sydney Harbour and Aerial Daytime program. All Day.
  • Circular Quay. Australia Day Live at Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. 07:30 PM – 09:30 PM.

What to do on Australia Day in Melbourne?

All are invited to the Flag Raising Ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall which will start off Victoria’s official Australia Day celebrations. This event will include dignitaries in their ceremonial attire and the Tri-Service Royal Guard of Honour.

Where are the best Australia Day fireworks displays in Melbourne?

Melbourne offers one of the best and most dynamic fireworks displays on Australia Day. The extraordinary fireworks display is held at Docklands Harbour and are released from various barges along the harbour at 9pm.

What’s on in Melbourne in January?

From Saturday 23 January to Tuesday 26 January, the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is hosting a variety of events for young and old. These include a marina party, a scavenger hunt, a charity yacht race and a flotilla showcase. Tickets: Free. Australia Day Cricket Cup: What could be more Aussie than spending the day watching the cricket?

What are the traditional events on Australia Day?

An annual event on Australia Day each year is the traditional 21 Gun Salute at the Shrine of Remembrance by the 2nd/10th Light Battery. Artillery S .. Balit Narrun – Share the Spirit Festival is an annual outdoor concert that centres around music created by indigenous artists with a focus on showcasi ..