Where can I sell my compost in Bangalore?

Where can I sell my compost in Bangalore?

Citizens can use the compost for their own gardens and sell the excess to the BBMP, which plans to set up collection centres on the lines of the Dry Waste Collection Centres, which are present in almost all wards.

Can you compost in a bin?

Fill the Bin Anything you would throw in a normal compost pile can go in your storage container composter. Leaves, fruit and vegetable peels, rinsed eggshells, paper egg cartons, coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea bags, shredded paper, paper napkins, and towels, toilet paper rolls, and grass clippings all work well.

Do compost bins smell?

Composting is never odor-free. Even under optimum conditions for aerobic decomposition of organic matter, odors are going to form.

How do you make money from composting?

Compost companies make money by selling fully composted material, which is essentially high-quality dirt or “top soil” used as fertilizer or ground cover. It is usually nutrient-rich and ideal for use on farms, gardens, and in residential neighborhoods.

Do compost bins need to be in sun?

A worm bin is best placed in the shade. As for a regular compost bin, direct sunlight does not cause the compost pile to heat up. The microbes working busily inside the compost are why the pile heats up. With this in mind, keeping your compost bin in the shade will decrease water evaporation.

Should I line my compost bin with plastic?

Plastic linings will help prevent decay, but chemicals from the plastic may leach into your compost and the plastic itself will start to decay eventually, so small plastic parts may also end up in the compost.

Will compost attract rats?

“When you compost food waste it’s around 80 percent water [and] when folks get too busy and add too much food [waste] the compost pile can get too much moisture.” The byproduct of this anaerobic process are organic acids that smell like garbage or rotting food. “That is what attracts rats and other vermin,” King said.

What is eco bin composting?

Eco Bincomposter is a one stop solution for all your kitchen waste, green waste, food waste, veg, non-veg, dairy products, citrus fruits, bread or cake, and so on. Eco Bin recycles all this waste into a nutrient rich organic compost, which also acts as a ”soil conditioner”.

Why contact eco bin?

Contact Eco Binfor a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your current waste management procedures, equipment, and hauling.

Why choose EasyEco bin for waste management?

Eco Binhas been helping many people, associations, and organizations, plan, organize, and implement waste management strategies and waste handling solutions. We can service all aspects of waste collection and administration and also can save you money by shifting waste costs to recycling revenues.

How do you dispose of a cocopeat?

Use your own aerated compost bin along with this cocopeat. Use StoneSoup aerobic container along with this cocopeat. Quantum Green – Biogas Digester for Household