Where are Brno firearms made?

Where are Brno firearms made?

Brno firearms have been manufactured since 1918 in what was once known as Czechosolvakia, now the Czech Republic. Various Brno rifles, pistols, shotguns and combination guns have been brought into U.S. since late 1940s by several importers including Continental Arms, Magnum Research, Bohemia Arms, EAA and others.

What is a Brno combo gun?

The Brno Combo gun is a great companion for predator calling or mixed bag hunts. The 802 Combo gun features 23 ½” barrels, 12 ga, 3” with Improved Modified choke over your choice of .243 Win., .308 Win., or .30-06 Springfield. Features include an automatic safety, extractors, barrel mounted sling attachment, and quarter rib iron sights.

What happened to Brno rifles?

Under German occupation during WWII, the Brno Rifles plant produced arms for both the Third Reich and the Czecho-Slovak resistance. During the Warsaw Pact period, the plant became part of the Czecho-Slovak National Enterprise.

What kind of barrel does a Brno zkw465 have?

Brno ZKW465 22 Hornet 23″ barrel with sights,double set triggers,bolt has been ground down to clear scope,97% bluing with Burris 6-18x A.O. gloss,duplex scope. GUN COLLECTIONS WANT… (read more) This BRNO Model CZ 511 .22 LR has a 22″ barrel, checkered walnut stock, sling swivels, polymer buttplate, front sight, rear sight.

What is the FK BRNO Field Pistol?

The FK BRNO Field Pistol is the world’s first of its kind. It carries the fire power of a rifle with the size, weight and handling of a pistol. To find out what makes the FK Field Pistol so special, head over to our FK BRNO page.

Are Brno and CZ the same?

There has been a close association between Brno and CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka) for many years. CZ-USA of Kansas City, Kansas, is current importer of both brands. Only Brno models currently being imported are single-shot and over/under rifles and over/under combination rifle/shotguns.

Why buy a Brno shotgun from CZ-USA?

CZ-USA is pleased to be able to offer the fine firearms of Brno Rifles to our customers. The BRNO 801 Shotgun is appropriate for both hunting and target duty.

Who is FK BRNO?

Research, Development and Manufacturer of State of the Art Sporting Firearms. FK BRNO Located in the historical city of Brno in the Southern Moravia region of the Czech Republic. Brno has long been renown worldwide for top quality craftsmanship in firearms manufacturing.