When should I buy begonias?

When should I buy begonias?

Spring is the best time to buy begonias – you’ll have the biggest selection to choose from and you’ll get much better value for money than if you wait until the summer and buy ready-grown ones. They’re supplied as tubers during spring, ready for you to grow on from home.

Why are begonias so expensive?

These are considerably more expensive because the supply is limited and cutting-grown tubers take longer to reach an appropriate size for sale. Many gardeners shy away from tuberous begonias because of their reputation for being difficult to grow.

Are begonias good for beginners?

Begonias are an easy houseplant for beginners, with a range of species and selections for the more advanced gardeners. Some are grown for flowers, others for their foliage. They come in a range of sizes, shapes, and habit, from upright to spreading. Many tolerate low light, and they have few if any pests.

How long do begonias last outside?

In zones 8a and cooler, begonias are annual plants. If you live in a cooler zone, plant them out once nighttime temperatures are consistently above 50ºF and enjoy your plants until the first fall frost hits. If you happen to live in a zone 8b to 11, your begonias should be able to last outside all year round.

Can I save my begonias for next year?

The tubers can be saved over the winter and planted again the next spring for another year of showy color. Store tubers in a dry, dark, cool (above freezing) area. In the spring, start begonia plants by placing the tubers on damp peat moss in a warm environment.

Can you leave begonias in their pots over winter?

Tuberous begonias should be dug up and stored indoors during winter until the return of warmer weather in spring. Pot-grown begonia plants can be stored in their containers as long as they remain dry. They should also be relocated to a protected area that’s cool, dark, and dry.

What are begonias good for?

Summary. Overall, begonias are beautiful flowering plants that hold great value for their easy care, vast varieties and beautiful flowers. Begonias also grow great with other flowers, like New Guinea impatiens, and many other annuals.

Why are begonias so popular?

Begonias’ popularity as houseplants is earned: they’re gorgeous, easy to grow, and tons of new species keep coming out.