When did the Asus tablet come out?

When did the Asus tablet come out?

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 is the first 2-in-1 detachable tablet from the Asus Transformer Pad series. It runs the Android tablet computer and was announced at CES 2011 and launched on 30 March 2011. The Transformer design includes an optional docking keyboard.

How much is a Asus Transformer Pad tf103c?

The Good. The Asus Transformer TF103 ships with a keyboard dock, Asus’ slick, feature-filled Zen user interface, and useful preloaded apps. Its $299 starting price is low for a tablet hybrid.

How can I make my Asus Transformer tf300 faster?

Stop unnecessary apps by going into Settings> Running Apps> and stop all the apps that are of no use that moment. Uninstall the apps that you’re not using anymore as they consume your precious RAM and make your phone Slower.

What is the Asus Transformer Pad tf701t?

The Asus Transformer Pad TF701T is an Android tablet computer made by Asus, successor to the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. The Transformer design includes a docking keyboard. The Asus Transformer Pad TF701T was released in the UK in October 2013 and in the U.S. in November 2013.

Can I Run Games on the Transformer Pad Infinity?

The Transformer Pad Infinity runs off an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor running at 1.6 GHz. Between the 1 GB of DDR3 memory, the processor and the 64GB (or 32) of storage there are no issues running any program or even the most intensive games out of the Google Play store. It comes with Android 4.0.3, ICS out of the box.

What is the screen resolution of the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity?

That appears to have come under heavy consideration at ASUS headquarters, as the key feature of the Transformer Pad Infinity is a 10.1in super IPS+ screen with an impressive 1920×1200 resolution. The screen resolution is an important milestone in the non-iPad tablet market. This resolution is an important milestone in the non-iPad tablet market.

How good is the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T?

For starters, the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T measures just 8.5mm thick, is light and relatively comfortable to hold, and is constructed from an attractive, “spun finished” aluminium. Our review model was finished in a champagne gold colour, which is a little loud but attractive.