When did Sinatra do the concert for the Americas?

When did Sinatra do the concert for the Americas?

On Friday, August 20, 1982, Frank Sinatra delivered the inaugural performance of Concert For The Americas, a weekend-long music festival in a unique Caribbean venue, on a bill that also included the rock acts Heart and Santana.

How old was Frank Sinatra in 1982?

It captured the singer, then 67 years old, at the venue in early March 1982, during the second week of a fortnight-long residency.

What year was Frank Sinatra at ChicagoFest?

Frank Sinatra Concert Setlist at ChicagoFest 1982 on August 10, 1982 | setlist.fm.

Who introduced Frank Sinatra at his last concert?

Grace Kelly
Sinatra was introduced on stage by Grace Kelly. Kelly had starred alongside Sinatra in High Society (1956), the last film she made before her marriage to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

What were Frank Sinatra’s last words?

Frank Sinatra, singer and actor Last words: “I’m losing.” (Said to his wife.)

When did the band Chicago play at ChicagoFest?

Frequency Annual
Location(s) Navy Pier (1978–82) Soldier Field (1983) Chicago, Illinois
Country United States
Years active 1978–1983

What was Frank Sinatra’s last performance?

25 February 1995
Just over a year later, on 25 February 1995, at the Marriott Hotel in Palm Desert, not far from his California home, he provided the climax to the Frank Sinatra golf tournament with a short six-song set. It was the very last public performance of his career.

How long were Sinatra and Farrow married?

two years
That distinction goes to Farrow’s short-lived marriage to Frank Sinatra. The pair were married for just two years, but the allure of their romance has kept the public interested for decades after Sinatra’s death at 82.

Did Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr have a falling out?

After his bout with cirrhosis due to years of drinking, Davis announced his sponsorship of the Sammy Davis Jr. National Liver Institute in Newark, New Jersey in 1985. In 1988, Davis was billed to tour with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but Sinatra and Martin had a falling out.