When did Ralph Cifaretto first appear?

When did Ralph Cifaretto first appear?

Ralph Cifaretto. Ralph “Ralphie” Cifaretto is played by Joe Pantoliano. Ralph is not present in season 1 or 2, as he spends a prolonged period of time in Miami, Florida and lived in Delray Beach, Florida. Ralph first appears as a soldier in the Aprile Crew in the second episode of season 3, “Proshai, Livushka”.

What happened to Ralph Cifaretto?

Ralph Cifaretto: beaten and strangled to death by Tony Soprano due to suspicion that he caused the fire that killed Pie-O-My, which Ralph denies. His body is then dismembered and decapitated with the help of Christopher Moltisanti.

What happened to Ralph’s son?

Ralph’s son is badly injured in a bow-and-arrow accident; meanwhile, a stable fire kills Tony’s beloved racehorse Pie-Oh-My. When Tony accuses Ralph of setting the fire for insurance money, Ralph make a denial that sounds like an admission (“It’s an animal!”). They fight; it gets out of control; Ralph ends up dead.

Where did Ralph Cifaretto come from?

Ralphie was born in New Jersey along with other mobsters such as Tony Soprano and Silvio Dante. In the start of the series he is away in Miami where he develops a strong addiction for cocaine. He makes his first appearance in Season 3. He becomes fond of his girlfriend’s son Jackie Aprile Jr.

How many episodes was Ralph Cifaretto in?

Joe Pantoliano portrayed Ralphie for 21 episodes across seasons 3 and 4. Pantoliano did the impossible by making the character as close to likable as possible at a few points of his arc.

Who killed Tony’s horse?

As fans already know, the “Tracee” mentioned by Chase on Talking Sopranos is the Bada Bing dancer brutally killed by Ralphie outside the club. When Tony later kills Ralphie, according to Chase, the inciting pain is rooted in Tracee’s death.

Where did Ralph come from in Sopranos?

Ralph’s 2000 return from Miami, FL He was born in 1957 and grew up in New Jersey along with other mobster associates Tony Soprano, Silvio Dante, and Jackie Aprile Sr.

What happened to Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos?

Ralph “Ralphie” Cifaretto, played by Joe Pantoliano, is a major character on The Sopranos. Ralph is not present in Season 1 or 2, as he spends a prolonged amount of time in Miami overseeing the family’s real estate interests from spring 1999 to mid-2000, returning following the “disappearance” of Aprile capo Richie Aprile.

Who is Ralph Cifaretto?

Ralph Cifaretto was a member of the DiMeo crime family. Next to such other notable mobsters like Richie Aprile and Mikey Palmice, Ralph is one of the more unfavored members of the DiMeo crime family.

Who is Ralphie Cifaretto on’Blue Bloods’?

Ralph “Ralphie” Cifaretto, portrayed by Joe Pantoliano, is a soldier, and later captain in the DiMeo crime family.

What happened to Carlo in The Sopranos?

Carlo panics and ends up stabbing Dominic repeatedly. Tony B aka Tony Blundetto was a beloved cousin of Tony Soprano’s who lands in trouble when he kills Phil Leotardo’s brother in pursuit of personal vengeance. This starts a power struggle between Phil and Tony’s forces as the latter desperately tries to bring peace.