What weapon in CSGO gives most money?

What weapon in CSGO gives most money?

The AWP sniper rifle, a long range weapon with onehit kill capabilities, awards only $50 per kill. The knife, used when all else has failed, provides $1,500. Completing team objectives provides the largest amount of money to a team.

How do you master AWP?

As a rule of thumb to the young AWP initiate, use the single-zoom setting in all of your duels. A passive AWPer holding a long position such as from bombsite A towards pit on de_dust2 should consider using the maximum zoom setting to increase chances of hitting a distant, protected target.

How good is AWP?

The AWP is not only powerful, but also heavy and quite expensive. It’s also the only weapon that can kill someone with one body shot. However, hitting your target on the legs, arms and even lower groin will result in 85 damage and not in an actual kill. Hitting a target through a wall will also result in 85 damage.

When should you eco CSGO?

If at least three players have insufficient funds to execute a full buy, then it would be ideal for the team to save….Generally, your main objectives during an eco rounds are as follows:

  • Save money as a team.
  • Steal better weaponry from the enemy.
  • Do as much economic damage as possible to the enemy.

What is de_dust2 in CSGO?

Dust 2 which is also known as “de_dust2” is a Counterstrike bomb defusal map with two bombspots. The map has the shape of an 8 and the two teams can meet each other very fast everywhere on the map. Dust 2 has been released in 2001 in 1.5 but still gets played in Counterstrike Global Offensive.

What is the best strategy for dust 2?

Winning Dust 2 is most of the time a tactical thing. As the T team, rushing one spot with the whole team (from one or two sides) is the key to victory.

How to prevent pushes as a CT on dust 2?

As a CT on Dust 2 it’s all about preventing pushes and winning time. To perfectly prevent pushes it’s crucial to use grenades perfectly. For this Molotow grenades can be a great help: The most effective Molotow grenades against pushes, are on a-long (into the double doors), on a-short (onto the stairs) and b (into the tunnels).

How good is the dust 2 double doors AWP?

The Dust 2 double doors AWP control can tremendously change the game. The side that dominates the double doors will always have an advantage. Getting one enemy at the start of the round will skyrocket the round.