What was the biggest earthquake in El Salvador?

What was the biggest earthquake in El Salvador?

The strongest earthquake in El Salvador happened on 01/13/2001 in the region Damage & Injuries In Every Dept. with a magnitude of 7.7 on the Richter scale. The shifting of tectonic plates in a depth of 32 km resulted in 844 deaths.

When was the last earthquake in El Salvador?


Date Location Notes
2017-04-01 La Libertad
2014-10-14 La Unión Moderate damage
2012-08-27 Usulután Major tsunami, over 6 meters
2001-02-13 La Paz Severe damage

What natural disasters occur in El Salvador?

Natural disasters

  • Volcanoes. El Salvador has a number of active volcanoes.
  • Rainy season. The rainy season normally runs from June to November, coinciding with the hurricane season in the Caribbean.
  • Earthquakes. El Salvador is subject to frequent minor earth tremors and occasional earthquakes.
  • Fire.

How many earthquakes has El Salvador?

This tectonic structure generates important seismic activity and has created major, destructive tremors in the Central American region. In the last hundred years, El Salvador has been affected by at least 13 major earthquakes.

When was the last natural disaster in El Salvador?

At least 4 people have died after severe weather and heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in El Salvador from 12 October, 2019.

Is El Salvador prone to hurricanes?

El Salvador is rarely affected by hurricanes, though Tropical Storm Agatha caused heavy rains and flooding in 2010.

Is El Salvador prone to earthquakes?

El Salvador is prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, and has active volcanoes. Lying in the danger zone on the Pacific Coast, El Salvador is prone to earthquakes and hurricanes.

Are earthquakes common in El Salvador?

Though earthquakes are common in El Salvador, has experienced many major quakes that caused wide spread damage and injury.