What the Quran says about science?

What the Quran says about science?

Here is a passage in the Qur’an that is made by God about modern science, that they should be congruent with the truth attained by modern science, “hence they should be both in agreement and concordant with the findings of modern science”.

How many scientific facts are in the Quran?

nine scientific facts
The central religious text of Islam that details several secrets and facts about the depth of oceans also talks about this phenomenon. One of the nine scientific facts in the Quran talks about the internal waves of the ocean and says that “it is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds.”

Which holy book is correct?

The Bible is a holy book.

What are the errors in the Quran?

The Quran does have errors. Some of the errors in the Quran are self-contradictions that Naskh tries to bridge. But Quran also has historical and archaeological errors, as well as errors in mathematics and logic. For example, the Quran states that one night, Allah took Muhammad to “al-Aqsa” mosque in Jerusalem:

Does Qur’an have any scientific miracles?

The Qur’an does not contain scientific miracles, but it certainly does contain scientific errors… and lots of them. III. The Verdict

Are there scribal errors in the Qur’an?

The Quran was revealed and transmitted orally; this is how it has been preserved. Now some people wrote the Quran down. We have plenty of manuscripts. Now some of these manuscripts have something called scribal errors. These are errors made by copyists. Examples of such errors could be a repeated word or a missing word.

Are there historical inaccuracies in the Quran?

Historical errors are so many in the Qur’an that we cannot cover them all, but we will be content to point out some very obvious examples: The Crucifixion of Christ. The Qur’an explicitly denies that Jesus was crucified. It claims that the Jews became so confused that they crucified somebody else instead who had the likeness of Christ.