What subjects do you need to become a boilermaker?

What subjects do you need to become a boilermaker?

Course subjects covered

  • Mathematics N1.
  • Engineering science N1.
  • Plating & structural steel drawing N1.
  • Metalworkers theory N1.

Can Boilermaker be done without matric?

Engineering Courses The National Trade Courses Boilermaker, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering requires only grade 9 with mathematics and physical science (no matric required).

How long does Boilermaking course take?

Artisan Courses

Course Code Duration
Semi-Advanced Techniques in Welding,Brazing & Cutting (SW2) AP007 30 Days
Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SW3) AP010 30 Days
Basic Rigging (BTW) AQ024 5 Days
Boilermaking Machinery (KW2) AN008 15 Days

Which TVET colleges offer boilermaker?

Institutions Offering Certificate in Boilermaker

  • College SA, Cape Town.
  • Mbowa College, Johannesburg.
  • Ekurhuleni Tech College, Krugersdorp.
  • Colliery Training College, Mpumalanga.
  • Churchil Technical College, Pretoria.
  • Northlink College, Cape Town.
  • Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology, Johannesburg.

What is a Boilermaker salary?

Boilermaker – Pay by Experience Level A mid career Boilermaker with 4-9 years of experience earns an average hourly pay of R 95, while an experienced Boilermaker with 10-20 years of experience makes on average R 139. Artisans Boilermakers with more than 20 years of experience may earn more than R 150 per hour.

Can I study N1 without matric?

You can study a Bridging Course A bridging course will give you access to the nationally accredited N1 or N4-level courses at Oxbridge Academy. Completing a bridging course is therefore a good option if: You have not yet completed Matric, and. You want to further your studies at N1 – N6 level at Oxbridge Academy.

What is a boilermaker salary?

How much does a Boilermaker course cost?

Cost Per Subject: R3 000.00 (Full Time & Part Time), R2 900.00 (Correspondence), Includes all manuals, courier cost, class access, portal access.

What degree do I need to become a Boilermakers?

One of the most common questions that we always get is what major or degree do I need to become Boilermakers or what courses do I need to take. We also asked Boilermakers what did they major in college or university and here are the top 5 most popular majors that came up. A high school diploma or GED is generally required for Boilermakers.

What is the salary of a skilled boilermaker?

Skills are attained at the Boilermaker training centre at minimal boilermaker course fees and the salary then earn range from R8000-30000 per month.. Unit Standard No: 12240 Unit Standard Credits: 8 NQF Level: 2

What are the modules for boiler making training?

Modules for the Boiler making training include Demonstrate an understanding of a variety of engineering fabrication methods. Interpret structural and engineering drawings. Develop and lay out metal work pieces for fabrication.

What is the NATed n1-n3 boilermaker qualification?

The NATED N1-N3 Boilermaker qualification is a qualification from Levels N1-N3. This qualification meets the academic requirements for you to write your trade test once you have aquired the required practical hours.