What style is Livery Stable Blues?

What style is Livery Stable Blues?

Musically, “Livery Stable Blues” is a New Orleans style twelve-bar blues. It starts with a four-bar introduction, followed by three distinct themes played in succession, each repeated twice.

Why was Livery Stable Blues important?

Clearly meant for dancing, Livery Stable Blues features the driving pulse and jaunty syncopations of ragtime. Another key element of jazz music is improvisation; it is likely that most of the music played by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band was improvised.

Who made the earliest jazz recordings in 1917 with Livery Stable Blues?

The Original Dixieland Jass Band
In 1917 a group of white New Orleanians, with no history of having performed in Storyville, recorded two songs for Victor in New York City. The album featuring “Livery Stable Blues” and “The Original Dixieland Jass Band One-Step” is commonly considered the first jazz record ever released.

What instruments can you hear in Livery Stable Blues?


Product Name Livery Stable Blues
Instrument 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone and Tuba
Instrumentation Brass Quintet
Genre Jazz
Publisher Music Express

What was the first jazz song?

Livery Stable Blues
And yet this was as significant a moment in US musical history. The date was 26 February 1917, and this novelty song, Livery Stable Blues by the Original Dixieland Jass Band, was the first jazz recording.

Who composed Livery Stable Blues?

Alcide Nunez
Ray Lopez
Livery Stable Blues/Composers

Who was the first white jazz musician?

Cornet player Bix Beiderbecke was the first white jazz master. Born in Iowa, far away from any major source of black music, he was also the first major musician to learn about jazz from records, not first hand.

What was Louis Armstrong favorite instrument?

That all changed when he heard and studied the music. “I love him,” Marsalis says of Armstrong. “And being a trumpet player, it was not hard to study the greatest trumpet player ever. “If you love jazz, you have to love him,” he says.

Who created blues?

Blues is a music genre and musical form which was originated in the Deep South of the United States around the 1860s by African-Americans from roots in African-American work songs and spirituals. Blues incorporated spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts, chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads.

Who created jazz?

Buddy Bolden, an African-American bandleader called “the first man of jazz” by historian Donald M Marquis, was at the forefront of the jazz movement. Bolden played the cornet in dance halls during the day and in the red light district of New Orleans’ Storyville at night.