What should I wear in the hospital after ac section?

What should I wear in the hospital after ac section?

“Any c-section mama should wear lots of nightgowns or loose dresses to wear during recovery – athletic shorts made me cry from the pain. And, have a station for everything (recovery supplies and baby supplies) both upstairs and downstairs. You’ll want to avoid using the stairs whenever possible.

Can I wear my own hospital gown for c-section?

Most people choose to wear the gown because it’s easier, but you can wear your own clothes, if you prefer. Many women end up giving birth naked anyway, so you might not even need clothes.

How long is bed rest after C-section?

Get plenty of rest If there are complications, your stay will be longer. Give your body 6 to 8 weeks to fully heal. That’s easier said than done. It’s hard to crawl into bed for hours on end when you have a baby who’s demanding lots of attention.

Can I wear a bra during C-section?

Just make sure your bras and clothing are free of metal. If you need to have a cesarean delivery, metal can cause burns because of the electrocautery instrument (the device used to cut and cauterize). Keep these considerations in mind if you decide you really don’t want to wear anything issued by the hospital.

Can I wear pants after C-section?

Leggings and Loose Pants Depending on how your incision heals, you may love a comfortable pair of postpartum or maternity leggings (with or without a compression panel). Look for high waisted leggings that rise above your incision and provide coverage while nursing.

How painful is C-section recovery?

The wound may feel sore for a week or two. The muscle surrounding the wound may also feel weak. A doctor may prescribe pain medication for the first 2 weeks. People should ask their doctor about the safety of nursing while taking pain medication.

How should I sleep after C-section?

Specifically, you should focus on sleeping on your left side since this gives you optimal blood flow and also makes digestion easier. You may need a body pillow or other supportive aids to get comfortable and provide proper support for your abdomen and hips.

How long do you bleed after C-section?

How long do you bleed for after a c-section? You will have some vaginal bleeding (called lochia) for 2–6 weeks after the birth. Bleeding sometimes lasts longer than this, but it should have stopped by 12 weeks.

How painful is cesarean?

You won’t feel any pain during the C-section, although you may feel sensations like pulling and pressure. Most women are awake and simply numbed from the waist down using regional anesthesia (an epidural and/or a spinal block) during a C-section. That way, they are awake to see and hear their baby being born.

When can I walk after C-section?

Here are the do’s: Walking within the first 24 hours of your procedure. While uncomfortable at first, walking is a great way to lower the risk of post-op complications such as blood clots and jump start normal bodily functions (like getting the bowels moving).

Is it OK to bend down after C-section?

Lifting more than your baby, stretching, straining and deep bending are not recommended until about 4-6 weeks post-delivery OR until you are able to do these movements with no pain or strain and your incision feels like it has healed.

What kind of leggings should I wear after a C-section?

EASY PANTS OR LEGGINGS. Depending on how your incision heals, you may love a comfortable pair of maternity/postpartum leggings (with or without a compression panel). Look for high-waisted leggings that rise above your incision and provide coverage while nursing.

What should I wear to the hospital after giving birth?

The waistbands in certain pants and shorts can irritate the incision site for some moms, while others may want an alternative to the “mom uniform” of loose nursing tops and pants. Comfy dresses are the perfect solution. (Plus, a dress makes a great going-home outfit, so be sure to pack one in your hospital bag !)

What kind of pillow should I use after my C-section?

C-section moms highly recommend keeping a pillow handy to hold close to your belly when you sneeze, cough, and laugh (especially on the ride home from the hospital). Nursing pillows like My Brest Friend are great for belly-birth moms who nurse since they help lift your baby away from your incision.

What should you look for in a postpartum wardrobe?

Instead, focus your postpartum wardrobe search on pieces that are light and breathable; look for super-soft clothes that will provide the comfort you crave while you heal. The right apparel is also key for breastfeeding after a C-section since some nursing clothes may be too tight around your incision site.