What questions can you ask a professional reference?

What questions can you ask a professional reference?

20 Best Reference Check questions

  • What was your relationship with the candidate?
  • How long did you work with each other?
  • How would you rate their work?
  • What were their daily duties?
  • What were their main responsibilities?
  • Were they dependable?
  • Did they complete the tasks and assignments given to them?

What is a good reference question?

Best Reference Check Questions to Vet References How long have you worked in your current role at your company? How long did you work with the candidate and what positions did you hold while your worked with the candidate? Is there any reason that I should be speaking to another reference?

What Cannot be asked in references?

Part of the answer to this question is obvious. Never ask questions that are prohibited by the EEOC, so that means never ask questions about age, race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, health, or sexual orientation.

Are backdoor references legal?

While it may be legal to conduct backdoor reference checks—and even potentially worthwhile—doing so with authenticity and transparency is important in beginning the employer-employee relationship in an honest, straightforward way.

What are employers allowed to say in references?

Many people think of them as an afterthought or are convinced that it’s illegal for their previous company to say anything about employees other than to confirm their dates of service and job title. In fact, companies and individuals can say anything they want to in a reference check, as long as it’s true.

Who you should ask for a professional reference?

References can be any of the following: Former managers or supervisors Former employees Former coworkers Industry colleagues Advisors, teachers, mentors or instructors Connections from volunteering, professional clubs or academic groups

What questions do employers ask references?

When checking references, a potential employer will ask questions about overall work ethic, strengths and weaknesses, punctuality, tardiness, whether or not you function well in a team environment and how much direct supervision you require.

How do you write a professional reference letter?

The format of a reference letter should adhere to that of a formal letter. Begin with your address on the top right corner of the page. Write the date immediately below the address. On the left side, write the receiver’s name (if known) and address. Add a subject line here (optional).

What questions do you ask during a reference check?

According to About.com, when checking references, ask questions that address the potential employer’s concerns, such as personality, productivity and overall assessment of the candidate. Also verify that the candidate provided honest answers about his start and end dates,…