What nationality is the name STEC?

What nationality is the name STEC?

Polish: from a pet form of the personal name Stefan, Polish vernacular form of Latin Stephanus (see Steven).

What does the last name Stec mean?

Stec was derived from the popular medieval Germanic personal name Stecho. The name Stec is also of local origin that is derived from the Old Germanic word “steck,” which referred to a parcel of land. The steck was a tract of pasture land.

What nationality is Hodgdon?

The Anglo-Saxon name Hodgdon comes from the baptismal name for Roger,which was originally derived from the nickname Hodge. As the naming tradition grew in Europe baptismal names began to be introduced in many countries.

What nationality is Sutera?

Italian (Sicily): habitational name from a place so called in Caltanisetta.

Is Hodgdon Irish?

It was named for John Hodgdon, an early proprietor originally from Weare, New Hampshire. The town was mainly settled by Scotch-Irish immigrants from Northern Ireland. Hodgdon is located on the Canadian border in Southern Aroostook County and is known for its scenic views and vast farmland.

Where is Sutera made?

We are a proud American family-owned business, based in Newport Beach, California. While our products are currently assembled throughout manufacturing partners in the USA and Asia, we conceptualize, design, develop, and test all our products right here in the United States.

What does Sutera mean?

Sutera is a comune in the Province of Caltanissetta in the Italian region Sicily, located about 70 km southeast of Palermo and about 30 km west of Caltanissetta. The area is dominated by a large monolithic rock termed “The Mountain of San Paolino”.

Is Sutera pillow made in China?

Is Sutera a real company?

Sutera is an online pillow company based in the U.S. While the company started out producing the flagship Sutera orthopedic pillow, its product line has since expanded to include the Lavender Zen Pillow and the Hydroluna Pillowcase.

Is the Sutera pillow legit?

The Sutera Pillow performs well overall. Our testers found its strengths to be shape retention and conforming. Since the Sutera gets its support from a solid piece of memory foam, it responds to the weight and heat of a sleeper’s head and neck to conform to their unique shape.

Is Sutera an American company?

Why does Sutera pillow smell?

If you find that your pillow has an odor upon unboxing, this is most likely due to being stored in its box during shipping. This odor can easily be removed by simply placing your Sutera pillow in a well ventilated area for 24 up to 48 hours.